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Train Station, Transit Station, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Mahawat Khan Rd, Mata Sundari Railway Colony, Mandi House, New Delhi, Delhi 110002, India
Coordinate: 28.6280195, 77.2375423
Rating: 3.90
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About Tilak Bridge:

Howrah Junction railway station is the largest railway complex and biggest railway station in India. It's the busiest railway station in India in terms of train frequency after Kanpur Central, Vijayawada Junction, Delhi Junction, New Delhi and Ambala Cant. Around 673 train routes start, end, or pass through the station daily. With 23 platforms, it has the highest train-handling capacity of any railway station in India and is one of the busiest railway stations in terms of passenger volume per day. It is one of the five intercity railway stations serving the city of Kolkata, the others being Sealdah Station, Santragachhi Station, Shalimar Station and Kolkata railway station. The terminal station is located on the West bank of the Hooghly River and is linked to Kolkata by Howrah Bridge.A total of 1220 stations are directly connected to Howrah railway station via 293 passenger trains.HistoryInitial plans for the first Howrah railway station were submitted on June 17, 1851, by George Turnbull, the Chief Engineer of the East Indian Railway Company. In January 1852, it became clear that the government authorities would not sanction the purchase of sufficient land nor the necessary water frontage, despite demonstrations from Turnbull that the terminus would continue to expand. In May 1852, the detailed station plans were the major work of Turnbull and his team of engineers. In October, four tenders for building the station received from 190,000 to 274,526 INR against an estimate of 250,000 INR.

Javed Hasan (14/01/2017 00:07)
Local train to fbd and gzb

Sumit Gajjar (16/01/2017 12:29)
Local train... Station

Dhawal Sharma (25/12/2016 21:34)

Anil Kumar (15/01/2017 20:44)

Pravesh singh (15/01/2017 15:55)

Sachin Saxena (12/07/2017 12:25)
This station is next to ITO. Important junction for city connectivity and also railway junction to divert trains to Delhi, Ghaziabad/Anand Vihar and Nizamuddin/Faridabad. Some passenger trains ans memu trains also originates here

Nataraja Gopala Murthy RFS (13/07/2017 14:29)
railway station before new Delhi. If we want to go to mandi house or other places can get down here.

Sdsharma Sharma (31/05/2017 13:58)
The station provides connectivity to local commuters. shiv charan

Harvey Tanwar (31/07/2017 13:18)
It's a small station. No public toilets here. Local trains stops here.

Rahul negi (08/07/2017 21:09)
Good platform to catch local train in delhi

Kamalakar Anthati (27/10/2017 23:48)
Tilak Bridge station is very busy, Authority's have to arrange some more sheds, otherwise it's problem to passengers to catch the train in Rain.

Arun Rana (12/09/2017 13:15)
Local railway station near to Pragati Maindan, ITO, Mandi House and NSD

Dibyansh Pandey (01/09/2017 15:16)
Need to maintain this place! And urinals smells bad.

MDV VLOGS (14/02/2018 01:48)
It is situated in the heart of the city . The main area is I.T.O and practice maidan which is less then 400 meters away from this station and Mandi house is also very near to this station . The major railway station in this line is NEW DELHI railway station which is 3 km away from TILAK BRIDGE .

Dr Naveen Chauhan (20/02/2018 06:12)
Quite busy place with heavy traffic sometimes. Small railway station nearby from where local trains to Ghaziabad, New Delhi routes can be accessed.

Ghanshyam Sharma (28/11/2017 19:26)
Tilak bridge station basically is local passanger daily updown like Aligarh, Khurja, Ghaziabad, Palwal Faridabad, Panipat,Sonipat all around the NCR
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