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Saijpur Ras, Gujarat 388570, India
Coordinate: 22.364332, 72.814432
Rating: 4.10
Phone: -
Saijpur Ras Saijpur Ras Saijpur Ras Saijpur Ras Saijpur Ras
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About Saijpur Ras:

Saijpur is a village located in the Anand district of Gujarat, India, 11km from Borsad. The pin code of Saijpur is 388570. The total population of the village is 4,771 (2,422 males, 2,349 females, 994 households). The major buildings of the village include the dairy, main entrance gate, primary school, high school, Chabutari, Mahadev Mandir, Ambe ma Mandir, and the Gram Panchayat community hall.The majority of the people are farmers. Mainly the area is well known for production of tobacco. Khanpur and Ras are the nearest villages by distance. The village comes under BAVIS GAM PATIDAR SAMAJ community.

Patel Vraj (22/11/2016 01:58)

Shreyansh Patel (18/11/2014 22:33)
Nice one

Patel Punit (26/07/2013 21:40)
Dads hveli

Vishnu Parmar (27/06/2017 23:36)
Good open goods sells market.

yogesh solanki (26/10/2017 10:11)
Nice place

Miral P (29/09/2017 18:16)
Nice village

Vishnu Parmar (13/12/2017 13:59)
Nice open goods sells market.
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