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Amusement Park, Hotel, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Near Khidkaleshwar Shiv Temple, Kalyan Shilfata road, Opp. Hotel Kokan Ratna, Thane, Maharashtra 421204, India
Coordinate: 19.1516091, 73.0598595
Rating: 3.50
Phone: +91 98334 81459
B K Resort and Waterpark B K Resort and Waterpark B K Resort and Waterpark B K Resort and Waterpark B K Resort and Waterpark B K Resort and Waterpark B K Resort and Waterpark B K Resort and Waterpark B K Resort and Waterpark B K Resort and Waterpark B K Resort and Waterpark B K Resort and Waterpark B K Resort and Waterpark B K Resort and Waterpark
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About B K Resort and Waterpark:

Everyday's hectic & feverish schedule makes us to search for a place where we can Rejuvenate, Relax. Your search is now over here! Mahabaleshwar like Natural Greenery breezy spot & Matheran like apparent, pollution free Environment, makes "Hotel Kokan King" so Special & Incredible. Hotel Kokan King family Garden Restaurant & B K Resort Waterpark is situated in a heart of Thane District in a 14 acres of a land. Apprehended as a great destination for gratifying & purifying your mind, body & soul where you can bivalent your life's memorable moments with your Family, Friends & your Loved ones. for more info please visit

Hotel Kokan King has a Family Garden Restaurant, Childrens Play Park, Resort & Waterpark, Restaurant,Conference Hall, a huge Marriage Lawns, Water Pond,etc.

Shama Sayyed (19/12/2016 00:06)
Hmm nic place bt actuall thing ll knw after going nd c then i ll i ll pass the comments k

Ashok Chavan (27/12/2016 23:19)
Poor quality water and no new thing added

Baburaza Shaikh (19/06/2016 02:21)
Please use low camical its very harmefull
An the place is good

Rajendra S. Jangde (13/12/2016 18:45)
Good but not best

AMIT KUSHWAHA (20/11/2016 16:35)
Good place to visit with your gang!!!

Altamash Ansari (26/05/2017 17:57)
Very Very poor quality water. It made me sick. I hate this water water park. 😱😱😱Kabhi bhi matt jana waha pe.

sameer khalifa (19/05/2017 11:41)
It's ok not that great. For children it's good thay can enjoy

Akshay Kodsekar (12/03/2017 12:59)
Good Resort with reasonable Pricing. Not too far from City. Great for 1 day group picnic with friends circle.

Vaibhav Bos (13/06/2017 21:07)
water park is good. but its water quality is poor

Shibu Thaha (08/03/2017 21:16)
One of the best place you can hangout with your family during summer season. Few water rides are there to enjoy.

Priyanka loves makeup (06/10/2017 11:14)
Nice for small get aways with friends and family. They offer lockers and also rooms at reasonable price. Restaurant is available inside.

Sayyed Aftab (02/09/2017 15:29)
Good and small but I one problem they are mix chlorine in water and
My eyes are ichting tooo much.but go and visit there good water park.

#Youtube Match (18/09/2017 10:11)
good place for parties like birthday party, anniversary and holiday trip.

Ravi Singh (09/03/2018 09:11)
It's a very small and compact resort. You have only 2 rides. You can take your own food here as the resteraunts near this resort are very expensive. Also, it will be much feasible if you go in your own vehicle as you don't get public transportation very easily from here. Overall a I would recommend this place for all those who just want to chill out and don't want to go in rides.

kaushik gaonkar (08/04/2018 17:34)
Not satisfied with my experiance. Not good place. Cheap but not worthy at all

Vicky Pawshe (26/02/2018 12:47)
Good food n nice place to chill not to expensive

Healthy Life (14/02/2018 17:53)
Good Resort, it's very nearest place where you can take your family and friends to Injoy in weakeneds and in the free time. Good place to spend good time whith family in affordable prices time is from 10am-4pm.
Only Resort Water Park "no food "

Jitesh Patil (30/03/2018 14:16)
The cost for entry is 275 for adults.. As the price the waterpark is average what else would you expect there are less slides but still you can njoy the most irritating thing no mirrors and hanging loops in changing rooms no proper showers
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