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Alexander Rd, Kummari Guda, Shivaji Nagar, Secunderabad, Telangana 500003, India
Coordinate: 17.442095, 78.4971483
Rating: 3.30
Phone: +91 40 4567 4567
Opening Hours:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
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About Yashoda Hospitals - Secunderabad:

We the group established in 1989, Yashoda Group of Hospitals has evolved as a center of excellence in medicine providing the highest standards of medical treatment to all sections of the society. Today, we are a leading healthcare provider in India with three Super Specialty Hospitals and three Cancer Institutes. The latest addition is a Heart Institute with a large team of distinguished cardiologists and the most advanced equipments to facilitate round-the-clock emergency services. We believe that each individual is special and deserves the best care possible. We are proud of being able to successfully enrich the lives of our patients by providing high-quality, yet affordable, healthcare. It will be our constant endeavour to provide the very best in healthcare. Pioneering Medical Advances Yashoda Hospitals is at the forefront of advanced medical treatment providing healthcare services to over 5,00,000 patients every year. The repute that we hold today comes from our ‘high quality – highly affordable’ model of working. Our healthcare infrastructure includes 1200 Beds, 700 Specialist Doctors, 6600 Employees and 62 Medical Departments accomplishing 1,00,000 Major Surgeries, 2,00,000 Surgical Procedures and 25,00,000 Patient Visits over just the last 5 years. We offer comprehensive care in virtually every medical specialty. Our services are advanced in technology as well as techniques of treatment. Yashoda Hospitals perfectly combines revolutionary technology, best medical expertise and advanced processes to make a difference in the world. Driving Technology We understand the need to rapidly translate technological discoveries from research labs into practice. Passion to deliver accurate and precise healthcare in diagnostics as well as treatment is what drives us to bring in the most advanced and latest technologies. The primary reason for such investments is to enhance results and to provide medical facilities that match global standards. We have pioneered the use of many diagnostics and treatment technologies to deliver faster and more effective cure to all patients. The technological firsts have allowed us to set a higher standard for the quality of healthcare facilities provided in India. Some examples include HEPA Filtered Operation Theatres, 1st Rapid Arc Machine for Cancer treatment in Asia, Digital Flat Panel Cardiac Cath Lab, 1st 1.5T 16 Channel MRI in South Asia, 1st Dual Source CT with PBV in India, Computer Assisted Navigation Knee/Joint replacement system, High Definition PET CT and Ensite Velocity TM 3D Cardiac Mapping System. At Yashoda, we believe in keeping pace with revolutionary technology to deliver treatments with higher accuracy, better precision and enhanced results. Care from the Experts Our commitment is to provide advanced medical care from our experts. The highly acclaimed and qualified teams of doctors at Yashoda are drawn from top medical institutions around the world to provide comprehensive services in all departments of healthcare. Doctors with diverse expertise meet on a regular basis to discuss cases, share experiences, evaluate processes and devise new methods of treatment. The nursing staff, along with the paramedical and other support staff, is highly trained and has tremendous hands-on experience in providing patient comfort through attention to detail, interpersonal skills, presence of mind, compassion and commitment. Their performance is constantly reviewed and refined in order to enhance the quality of tertiary care services provided by them. Dynamic Processes Our clinical pathways and guidelines help standardize processes, thereby maintaining high quality in healthcare. Each department has a Department Council that structures, implements and periodically updates its processes. Adherence to the guidelines laid out for these processes is never compromised and monitored closely at every stage. Our care pathways improve the patient experience, reduce waiting time and reduce costs by preventing avoidable re-admissions. With standardized pre-assessment procedures in place, the patient and the care takers are fully informed and prepared for admission, operation and discharge. By measuring the performance of current process and developing new measures for efficient outcomes, Yashoda has been able move towards higher quality healthcare delivery and a high performance health system. The facilities are certified in line with our ideology to offer quality services. Our laboratories are NABL accredited and ISO certified. Enriched Academics Healthcare providers have a responsibility to provide the best possible care to all the patients. This cannot be achieved without investing in the proper training of all medical professionals. We offer various courses for the doctors and nursing staff and paramedical staff to help them offer better care to our patients. Regular grants for doctors are offered to facilitate their education and contribution towards medical sciences. Yashoda also manages the premier Indian Medical Institute that offers Diplomate of National Board (DNB) courses enabling doctors to acquire specialization in their respective field of medicine. The College of Nursing has been established to teach and train nurses and develop their clinical competencies. Paramedical courses are regularly conducted along with training sessions for Laboratory and dialysis technicians. Ophthalmology, Cardiology and Perfusion Technology courses are conducted by highly skilled instructors that possess in-depth knowledge of various aspects of medicine and technology. Research for a better tomorrow Research is pertinent to facilitate and support advancement in medical science in order to serve our patients well. Yashoda aims at setting the highest standard of clinical research as an integral part of service to clinical patients. We offer expertise and infrastructure support to several research projects to bring about breakthroughs in the field of medicine. At the same time, we provide funding assistance to researchers for the successful completion of their projects. Commitment that goes beyond We believe that every individual deserves the right to healthy living and access to quality medical care. Today, there is an overwhelming need is to reach poverty-stricken sections of the society. Yashoda Foundation is a step in this direction. It offers financial grants to patients to allow them to access to healthcare services. In the event of natural calamities, the foundation provides unrelenting support to address the resulting health crisis. This organization also leads the battle against infectious diseases and is actively involved in the distribution of vaccination along with medicines to high-risk populations. Mobile Hospitals have been launched to reach those sections of the society that do not get even basic medical support. At the same time, efforts are made to educate the population on general upkeep of good health. Regular health camps are organized to cater to the specific needs of various segments of the society.

Yashoda Hospitals is the largest corporate healthcare group in Telangana operating three successful, fully independent, super-specialty hospitals.

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shaik sameer (26/05/2017 22:24)
Admitted in this hospital for 2 days and observed below things.
1) if you say any pain in your body parts, immediately they will take you to XRAY at almost 5 times higher price compare to outside. If pain not cured for 1 week, they will refer to go for MRI, for 9000 rupees.
2) consultation fee Rs. 450 and valid for 10 days with 1 free followup visit... But definitely doctors will write the medicines for 2 weeks, so that they can charge you consultation fee again.
3. Food quality is not good for patients
4. No drinking water facilities for OP patients
5. Overall, it's affordable to only those who has the corporate insurance coverage.
6. Medicines written by doctors will be available in only in their pharmacy. And they will charge you exactly as per MRP. Not even 1% discount. Outside we will get minimum 10% discount.

raja vardhan reddy (20/06/2017 08:44)
Doctors are highly experienced and treatment is good and all types of medical facilities are present.Charges are high for any type of treatment.

Saivarun Motukuri (22/05/2017 13:40)
Consultancy is good.. but the total hospital is commercial! They aren't worried about the patient's pain. Food isn't upto the mark. Have to keep maximum patience for a smooth check out!

Narayana reddy yanamala (04/06/2017 23:59)
Reception staff is good and helpful . Treatment is bit costly ... Medical shop staff is very cooperative . Separate staff for guiding the usage of medicines.

Cool Ramya (20/06/2017 19:13)
I came here for Ortho dr Sanjay kalvakuntala at 2.30pm. As my appointment time given is 2.45pm. But doctor came at 6 o clock. Worst timing maintenance.
This is not only with this doctor, mostly all doctor are late here.

Sangita Sinha (26/10/2017 04:05)
My 9 years old daughter had injured her right wrist. seemed like some injury to the vein so not taking any chances went to yashoda with a friend of mine who is also working there as a doctor. The emergency staff were very helpful maybe because my doctor friend was also there. The plastic surgeon suggested immediate surgery under general anesthesia. Everything was going on well organized and they were preparing her for the surgery and changing her clothes.

Suddenly one Operation Theater staff made her sit and sign some papers. My husband by intuition entered there and saw the bleeding had started again. He immediately prevented them from doing, scolded them for the negligence and called the doctor friend and rushed her to the OT.

The nurse who was present there had seen the bleeding in the emergency room but she also didn't stopped them. It just felt like some brainless untrained staff complicating the case. Who will train them that the signature of a 9 years old minor is not valid. Who is responsible for that extra blood lose. Who is responsible for this extra pain. And after seeing all this stupid and unprofessional and untrained things, how can I allow my daughter in there hands under general anesthesia. But then my doctor friend assured that he will himself supervise it.

The surgery went well and she was shifted to the post surgery ICU. The staff were co-operative there. I got her discharged after 3 - 4 hours of surgery.

She is still recovering.

The point I was trying to put is, if I am paying what you are demanding then why can't we have the best service. How can we trust you with such untrained, unprofessional staff. The hospital is run not just by doctors but a lot many support staff too. you need to train your sweepers too. they must not take out the ventilator plug to plug in their cleaning devices.

Hope someone from the hospital reads this and rectify the issues raised here. Till then, be careful.

Thumaty Daniel K (01/10/2017 13:54)
Very big hospital branch of Yashoda. Confusing layout inside the hospital. Car parking is somewhere 2-3 levels down. Admissions desk is somewhere inside. No one at information desk. Lift operators aren't interested to help people around. It took us almost 20 mins from parking to go to level-5. You won't understand which lifts are working & which ones aren't.

Daisy Gomes (17/10/2017 10:28)
This hospital only works to grab money from people. Only money minded doctors and staff. No proper care. Doctors frighten patients and forcefully admit and make money. Diagnostic tests are tooo costly. Even from dead body they make money. Worst of worst hospital. Gandhi or other government hospitals are far better compared to this hospital. I request one and all to never go to this hospital. You will surely lose all your wealth and health...

Siva kanth Sharma (26/07/2017 00:32)
Note: one of the other reviews complains about drinking water, it's available in the canteen, and water bottles can be bought at cafes in every floor.

No idea about inpatient, but the out patient treatment was nice, with plenty of seating while waiting, receptions at every department, professional service. It's even impressive considering the high volume of patients they have everyday. The cost of treatment is high, so it's recommended to go via insurance.

Update: the general ward for inpatient could have been a bit better if the partitions extended to the ceiling. I will not pretend to know their reasons for that, but that's my opinion. Security is strict W.R.T. the number people with the patient other than during visiting hours ( I commend it). The canteen food is good enough, but considering that it's an hospital, it could've been better and cleaner.

rajesh shetty (25/07/2017 20:08)
This is not a hospital.this is corporate office like a dealing with business.They maintain priority first for money then after treated health.i appreciate this hospital for health recovery.
i like this hospital treatment.
Please may do some changes like
..Please after treatment you make a bill
..don't neglect patient condition with/without paying charges
..please try to tell health(aarogya, insurance) benefits to Middle class families.

Veerel Surana (18/11/2017 23:35)
Had an emergency accident case of my wife.
Dr.Anantg Nag had attended us.
The best doctor experience we had till date.
Very good and prompt attention given by everyone at the hospital.
Thank you.keep up the good job.

nanda kishore (31/10/2017 19:13)
Worst hospital with worst treatment. Money minded and never think about patient condition. If it is possible I will rate negative rating. Government hospital is far better than Yashoda hospital. They are not bothered about patient condition they just want to earn money in the form of tests unnecessarily and panic patient and make them psychologically depressed. It is not a hospital it's entrance to the hell.
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