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Zoo, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Bailey Road, Raj Bhavan, Rajbansi Nagar, Rajbansi Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800001, India
Coordinate: 25.5973525, 85.1002992
Rating: 4.30
Phone: +91 612 221 7455
Opening Hours:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park
Srimanta Gupta (09/04/2017 19:15)
This is the only patch of dense greenery is the bustling city of Patna. A great place to spend time for people of all ages. The park itself is well maintained and laid out. While it is not huge, its size makes it manageable for the visitors. A good variety of animals and birds ​can be seen. Besides, there are other excitements​ like boating, children's park. Public convenience and drinking water is available at many places inside the park. Those who do not want to walk a lot can take the battery operated vehicles which are available near Gate no. 1. But the best way to enjoy, no doubt, is to take a walk. Even in the heat of the summer season, there is enough greenery and shade to keep cool. There is a cafeteria inside, but it is nothing to recommend. Parking is available at both Gate no. 1 and 2, but the area around Gate 1 can be very congested.

DEV D (16/06/2017 04:20)
Very old and well developed area. During recent time, a lot of efforts have been taken to improve outer appearance. Revenue side would have been improved due better ticket collection and management on the gate itself. A lot of flora and fauna is available inside. Worth visiting.

Shashwat Kaushik (14/06/2017 16:15)
Best place in patna to experience nature. Very clean n spacious.. Has wide range of animals from reptile to mammals like giraffe. Boating facilities r also available. If u don't want to walk whole area.. Cart service is also very frequent

Harsh Wardhan Singh (28/04/2017 16:30)
My favourite spot and probably the only place to be with yourself in Patna because no place has such a greenery in Patna. I also love animals and nature and this place gives a feeling of being around nature. Generally people come along with a friend or companion at this place but I prefer going there alone and I feel so alive. :)

Rishav Kumar (16/06/2017 13:01)
One of the best biological gardens in India.all sort of plants and animals can be found here. There is a canteen inside the premises. A large lake is available for boating at a very economical price.

Piyush Kumar (20/07/2017 10:42)
A very nice place to spend quality time with family and friends. Plenty of space available for jogging or just for a walk. Easy to reach and you can actually find peace from the busy life in this bustling city of Patna. Parking is also available at both the gates( Gate No. 1 & 2) and electric vehicles are also available if you want to have a drive throughout the place.

rahul kumar (02/09/2017 09:56)
Very good zoo and also the 2nd most visited zoo all over the India. Having toy train, lorry, Boating, cafeteria, restaurants and theatre, biological garden, water fall and also museum. All animals are in different compartment and approximately 400-500 varieties of animals, birds, fishes, snakes, crocodile, butterfly and other amazing creatures are present in the zoo. Having the maximum number of trees 44000 in all over India for a zoo that is a record for a zoo. Love it very much...

Shubh Gupta (14/09/2017 09:33)
Good and cheap place for spending time.
But the lack of animal and birds there are not full fill in your thought of a zoo .. it's just define a biological park in some values.the cleanness is good at its level the facilities provided in the park are also as its level good

pravin kumar (08/09/2017 02:23)
Tourist attraction of Patna. Good natural place to to visit. Watching animals and birds is fantastic experience. Popular amongst children.

Pritam Pandey (21/11/2017 19:47)
It's is great place to feel relaxed and refreshment. It is also an educational place for young students amd enjoyable picnic spots for little students. You can do boating for a very low price in a big area.. You can experience a jungle trail, Parks, amusement park for kids.. Worth a single penny and amazing food inside as well..

Dora minions (27/11/2017 11:53)
Since 1973, this park has been a biological park, combining a botanical garden with a zoo. The land acquired from the Public Works Department and the Revenue Department was declared protected forest by the state government on 8 March 1983. It is one of the best place for picnic in patna. I personally love it

Dare Date with RSR (13/11/2017 02:31)
I am in love this place, not because its a zoo, or I love animals. Just because this area is the only place in Patna where you will find fresh air. And soo much trees. Although the zoo is great. It has two gates the fair price is Rs. 30 per head and the area of the zoo. Os also big. There is a pond in the zoo. Where you can do boating also.
I wish you guys quality time here.

Piyush Kumar (08/11/2017 10:06)
If you want to spend some quality time with your friends and family and want to take a break from the busy city life, this is the place you must visit. The zoo has two gates of entrance (Gate No. 1 & 2). A lot of city residents visit the park for morning and evening walks. Electric vehicles are also available within the premises for the tourists to have a ride throughout the park. Restaurants are also available within the premises. Parking facility is also available.

sanjay Kumar (27/11/2017 17:38)
The place is good for weekends with family especially for your child.
You have to hire auto inside the zoo and they will take you to each and every place.Resturant and canteen is also available inside to make it a perfect place for weekends party.
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