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Guru Gobind Singh Marg, Railway Officers Colony, Sarai Rohilla, New Delhi, Delhi 110007, India
Coordinate: 28.6628677, 77.1853708
Rating: 3.20
Phone: -
Delhi Sarai Rohilla Delhi Sarai Rohilla Delhi Sarai Rohilla Delhi Sarai Rohilla Delhi Sarai Rohilla Delhi Sarai Rohilla Delhi Sarai Rohilla Delhi Sarai Rohilla Delhi Sarai Rohilla Delhi Sarai Rohilla Delhi Sarai Rohilla Delhi Sarai Rohilla Delhi Sarai Rohilla Delhi Sarai Rohilla Delhi Sarai Rohilla Delhi Sarai Rohilla Delhi Sarai Rohilla Delhi Sarai Rohilla Delhi Sarai Rohilla Delhi Sarai Rohilla Delhi Sarai Rohilla Delhi Sarai Rohilla Delhi Sarai Rohilla Delhi Sarai Rohilla
pradeep jha (12/01/2017 23:41)
Clean,cool and calm .The best railway station in New Delhi to board train for Rajasthan .Public waiting rooms and toilets are very clean now.

Rohilla Samaj Najafgarh New Delhi. (29/12/2016 12:25)
Poor transport connectivity and services. Indian Railway must coordinate with Delhi government for providing a good transport connectivity via Delhi Marto or DTC.

pankaj gautam (06/01/2017 20:57)
Unsecured and unhygienic place. No prepaid taxi / auto rikshaw facility. This prevails private taxi drivers to snatch big amount of fare at nite and morning session.

Sudha Mishra (24/01/2017 22:20)
Lighting is not gud and there and the coolies are not available and want more fare bit drop off place is gud

Chetan Paliwal (18/11/2016 14:24)
Cleanliness is major issue, does not look like a railway station of capital city

aditya dayma (25/05/2017 13:02)
As it is one of the station of the capital of India, it should be clean n tidy bit the station seems to be a station of a small town...condition of toilets is very poor. Ac passengers have waiting room with fans delivering hot air during very warm climate conditions. Government should do something to improve the condition. Very bad experience.

Hemang Mendpara (31/07/2017 09:20)
No cleanliness, no ventilation, no Fans even. Poorly maintained station. One can have easy access through sastrinagar metro station.

gaurav gupta (07/08/2017 06:46)
Platforms are good enough
Good basic services except TOILETS
Seems good outside
But inside totally rubbish
No care at all

kanhaiya sharma (17/06/2017 15:35)
Not! Bad! But, good quality of food is not available here! And the station is also very dirty! But., mainly many types of trains are available ... For any route! 😊

Pawan Kumar Verma (30/07/2017 12:03)
Trains for Bikaner, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Sri Ganganagar and Jammu can be caught here.

Sandeep roy (27/10/2017 07:03)
In ticket counters they r not giving any information regarding trains.worst experience in my life in all Delhi stations

Mohd Imran Siddiqui (20/10/2017 00:38)
Station is less crowded if we compare it other stations of delhi but well connected with major city of India

Shailesh Kumar (31/10/2017 10:27)
most of the trains from here go to rajasthan and gujrat . An improtant station and you can reachbit via shastri nagar metro and take a walk or auto

Rajesh Sinha (27/09/2017 17:52)
I can't believe that our national capital has a Railway Station as bad as this. Terrible. No café, no ac waiting room, uncomfortable seating. Even outside the station there are no decent eateries. Yes. Terrible is an apt description.

The Life of a Physicist (17/10/2017 09:35)
Two trains for Sri Ganganagar and Bikaner Rajasthan depart from srairohilla. There are few stalls of biscuits tea cold drink and water at platforms. But if you want to have some hygienic food then it will disappoint you. You have to go outside of the station through main gate. There are some stalls of parantha, bread pakoda and egg. But don't expect hygienic eatables.

Amresh Chandra (16/04/2018 05:59)
Well connected to main road. Easy to locate from main road. Ample of parking space available. Good and tasty food joints available nearby. Bus stand and metro station near by only which gives you good connectivity and transportation becomes easy. Good places nearby to explore and enjoy during day time and evening as well....

Akash Kumar Singhal (09/04/2018 11:47)
I got to visit here after a long time.. It is day by day improving with facilities. Now you can have escalator here also. There is Ola booth also available here

Ankit Sahay (19/03/2018 07:57)
No escalator and lift on Platform No 1 (platform close to the main entrance) which causes inconvenience to old aged and physically challenged. Something very basic requirement expected in stations of capital city. Lot of pungent smell on the platform.

Seshu R (08/04/2018 14:23)
Very worst condition in luggage booking because everyone asked bribe and there is no control and no fear in railway station. when it will change. no one railway officers take initiative to control the bribe really horrible.railway staff know very well but why they don't control the bribe.i feel very guilty while standing in railway station I feel immediately vacate from this station

Singh Tejinder (25/04/2018 17:49)
Cleanest of all stations (entry towards platform no. 1) , There is a good market outside , u can have good food there.
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