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Gold's Gym

Delhi, India
Place Type:
Gym, Health, Point Of Interest, Establishment
35-B, 1st Floor, Main Pusa Road, Block T, Nai Walan, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110005, India
Coordinate: 28.647963, 77.197751
Rating: 2.70
Phone: +91 11 4610 2400
Opening Hours:
Monday: 5:30 AM – 10:30 PM
Tuesday: 5:30 AM – 10:30 PM
Wednesday: 5:30 AM – 10:30 PM
Thursday: 5:30 AM – 10:30 PM
Friday: 5:30 AM – 10:30 PM
Saturday: 5:30 AM – 10:30 PM
Sunday: 5:30 AM – 10:30 PM
Gold's Gym Gold's Gym Gold's Gym Gold's Gym Gold's Gym Gold's Gym Gold's Gym
poke mon (18/10/2016 13:37)
It's a complete disappointment. What worse we still have to give it one star, the gym shouldn't be visible on the Internet, that gym is a super thug. I took a 6 months membership, the steam stopped working the same day,they stop hot water supply in cold winters, none of the equipment is in shape how do you expect to get any better then and last 3 months they were relocating . The staff is ill trained and they expect you to hire them personally. The trainers are still better but they are stuck in a wrong place. They have cheated Gold's Gym to learn how to run a successful gym business and show on search results on the net then they dropped down their standard to a level so they can pull out and run on their own and they proved to be a complete disaster. They should have stick with gold's gym. I use to be a regular there for last many years.
CAUTION :they will offer you a membership at any cost. Don't waste a rupee even if they give you an annual membership against it
That place is a complete mental harassment. It can altogether make you hate a human body. I am here to help.
Thank you

Kunal Rupwate (09/01/2017 15:12)
Really bad experience, Treadmills are usually full and one has to wait at least 15mins to get one during peak times.
I don't know why the owner can't see that the trainers are ruining the gym for him, Trainers are only interested in Personal Training and will charge exorbitant fees for the same.
Overall quite high prices for the services offered !

Pallab Kakoti (14/01/2017 04:15)
Great location. Wonderful Set up. Amazing Equipment with real pro trainers.

aman virdi (30/12/2016 23:41)
Experience here was not good enough. Most of the treadmills doesn't work here. Trainers here are also not good at all. They always force you to join their personal training program.General trainers also doesn't help one in exercises and they also force people for joining personal training programs. My opinion: Don't waste your money by joining this gym. It's expensive and doesn't provide services as described.

manisha bisht (20/10/2016 15:20)
I feel sorry for this gym because of the trainers they have. It is all about show off for them. The time you visit, they will say today is the last day for the offer they have (special offer). They say the same thing to everyone. They will force you to join the Gym or atleast pay the Token Amount. Once you pay the token amount, it does not matter you join the gym or not. Pathetic service.

Saurabh Bhavsar (03/08/2017 17:57)
Overcrowded, suffocating and unprofessional staff .I was member of this Gym for one year and my experience was pathetic. Situated in basement, this place literally stinks.Most of the equipments are old and does not function well.They charge you 12k for one year membership and that's the only reason people come here.Avoid this low grade gym .You'll find much better gyms nearby.

Ash Kaur (19/07/2017 11:08)
1.too high fee
2.not heavy equipment and not properly maintained.
3 in basement no natural light and no proper ventilation. power backup.
5 interiors not good.
6.weird crowd when I went there.
7.not a very spacious place.
Only thing I liked there was the auntie ji who was inch are of girls washroom and steam.she is a sweetheart!
please VISIT FLUID Gym.actually I am from chandigarh and living in old rajinder nagar for civils I saw all the gyms there one day by rickshaw went all over the place as I want the best gym.but yes so according to my research FLUID is the best.i have joined it.they have good offers as well from time to time. 10k for 10 months.i missed the offer and have to pay rs 11k for 10 months.althoug you can take offer of 14k for 14 months. You also get complimentary bag or sipper bottle when you join.they have steam and we'll managed machines and hygiene and crowd is so much better.6an to 10 pm.good music. Ac is also very cooling and gym is spacious and it's overall up to date. It is a chain of gyms across delhi

Archna Solanki (18/07/2017 20:25)
Very crowded gym.. AC not working on strength area workout and floor area workout. Fees is reasonable.

Amit Maurya (05/07/2017 14:49)
Being a member of this gym...i can say that it is just ok ok type. Equipments are not that good. And if you are taking personal training then its ok, otherwise not a member friendly gym.

paritosh bhagat (23/05/2017 17:37)
Pro's : Good set of equipments, large carpet area, good music, sanitation and cleanliness is reasonably good, good number of trainers, open all days except on evenings on Sunday, equally good for cardio and resistance training, has shower and steam, courteous​ management and staff and reasonably priced, I would even go on to say this is bang for bucks (longer subscriptions only).
Con's : It gets a bit crowded on peak hours and trainers are money minded (though it's not wrong) expect a cold shoulder and minimal to zero advise if you are on your own (without personal trainer).

Ankit Bhuria (04/10/2017 23:31)
Worst gym ever ,only good if take pt from sahil sir otherwise yr money is nothing but waste as equipmens are old and trainers themselves have belly fat. U should go some other place.

DIVYANSHU D (06/12/2017 02:43)
worst experience ever..
treadmills needs severe maintenance so as with cross trainer
(some of them don even work),
cables of some machines are overused feels highly unsecured to use.
No front desk member or any other staff cares about quality all they need is money.
unhygienic, pathetic services, malfunctioned steam room.
improper management of weight section.

Satish Sasanoori (05/03/2018 20:44)
Very reluctant to ON the AC .you literally should beg them for number of times to ON the AC
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