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Shopping Mall, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Gotri - Bhayli Rd, near, Saiyed Vasna, Vadodara, Gujarat 390007, India
Coordinate: 22.3035032, 73.1380812
Rating: 3.90
Phone: +91 99987 10105
Opening Hours:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
arun yadav (25/01/2017 13:44)
Nice mall with most of the brands available. Household products and electronics also available. Multiplex also there to watch movies and is at a reasonable price.

Vishal Gharat (25/01/2017 14:49)
Good place for grocery and shopping.
Weekday visit will give you lot of offers.
Weekend visit wont have any offers and you will get more rush.

Fenny Vajani (26/12/2016 14:32)
Nice mall near to gotri Vadodara... There are different floors for different things like grocery, clothes, multiplex. Also basement parking facility. In multiplex big screen and sound system is very good... All over nice theater and mall.

Avinash Choudhary (30/09/2016 16:42)
A reliable store in the neighborhood which provides almost all your basic essentials..

Store needs to add more popular brands and a few more products which are lacking into its inventory.. Also, some products displayed are very close to its expiry date as the store usually orders in bulk to reduce cost on logistics, hence, it is advised to check product details before purchasing..

Shilpa Parikh (04/10/2016 10:47)
This is a suggestion for magt. If u keep Chinese items, then do keep Indian items besides them. Give people an option to choose. Else store is very nice. Thanks.

Nikhil Patel (20/05/2017 17:10)
Good for groceries. Affordable prices. You'll get better quality vegetables from somewhere else.
Ample of free 2-wheeler parking, but should have more space for cars.
Decent staff but mostly not very learned, which causes trouble sometimes.
Cinema hall has smaller screens than others.
Bit pricy. Not so great seats for the price.
Get mostly everything in one location which is a huge advantage, until there is competition.

SHANKAR Nai (21/07/2017 14:32)
Save money many much sale & buy 1get 1 free
But veritable are not so good

Monty Bhagya (20/08/2017 16:57)
Parking is a problem in peak time. For shopping it's little costlier than D Mart, but has better variety than D Mart!

Dhwanit Mehta (30/07/2017 09:26)
Large area. The smaller quantities of products are available. Good structure

Soyab Makrani (23/07/2017 01:13)
Good mall.
Most of the household items are available here.
But it stays crowded most of the time.

Vishalkumar Patel (18/11/2017 21:48)
Place is good, You get almost every household thing. Staff is good and will guide you whenever you ask them.

Tejashri Desai (04/11/2017 21:43)
Not a good experience! Staff is arrogant and it seems they do not need any business. Everything looks cramped up. Variety is good. Worst thing is that if you park your car in their basement parking, you can go up by lift but while going down I was told that the lift is not for the customers especially if you have bags with you and at the same time I see a staff member bring a big trolley out of the same lift! I had to walk with my trolley with cars honking behind me while walking down the parking slope!

Mandar Karlekar (17/11/2017 13:58)
Rates are good but place is conjusted you literally have to squeeze through the rows
Otherwise good place for shopping

Aniket Darbar (18/11/2017 00:22)
Every sunday i bought household items..bansel mall..esayly Got a items and many space..but sunday many people are to shopping here..

Sanjay Bhatia (04/11/2017 19:04)

Anil Tudu (11/06/2018 08:39)
It's similar to D-mart but has a furniture section added to the top. Have a wide range of budget-friendly products under one roof like groceries, clothes and cosmetics at economical and discounted rates. Helpers are difficult to find. Daily household products are on ground floor, furniture section is on the second floor and other products are on the first floor. Express billing counter for customers carrying less than or equal to ten products. Lift (covers all the floors and the basement) and ample free parking available including basement parking for customer's convenience.

Jayvirsinh Chauhan (08/06/2018 12:08)
The grocery products are same as any other malls but there are better discounts in D mart, the other products are below average quality, almost footpath quality materials in clothes and footwear, the multiplex is also just better than a video theatre, the furniture section is quite good with nice design and sometimes very good discounts also.
Parking facilities are enough underground which people don't prefer mostly and park outside making it a bit congested.
Vegetables section is also not that promising. But a good and for now only option for day to day shopping in Bhayli and gotri area.

Rakesh Jha (03/06/2018 02:34)
Mall is good..
Ample parking space and one need not pay for that.
Some play options outside the mall attracts kids.
It is ok from inside, as I did not see anything amazing there. Though it was clean and very less crowded..

Smit Parmar (30/04/2018 12:49)
Nice place to go lone or full family shopping. You will get all that you need from clothes, shoes to daily consumables to utensils to furniture to daily accessories, electronics and fresh vegetables and fruits and dairy products too. They have a locker system to put away your cell phones in case you need it. The lines are not too big unless you visit them at 9:30 Pm or later after which they start to close down the store. Air Cooling is not that classic but the billing systems are quick which adds to the comfort of customers.
Special offers on daily branded consumables are the main attraction for students and the youth.
Sometimes specific items are not available at the mall like Induction stoves or Small study tables or Stationary items like Highlighters or Kids stuff.
The Theatre attached to the mall is Quite useless to go to. But all in all it serves the purpose for us.

Pradish Dadhania (31/05/2018 23:36)
Good place for shopping and it is a very similar to D-Mart and a big bazaar they give the great discount. Very congested place trolleys for the shopping are not in good condition. Salesperson were not able to give satisfactory response.
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