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Off. C.G.Road, Opp. Municipal Market, Navrangpura, Vasant Vihar, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009, India
Coordinate: 23.0349582, 72.5599746
Rating: 3.90
Phone: +91 79 2646 7575
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Purvansh Trivedi (20/04/2017 12:28)
For a 3 star hotel, they provide very good ambiance. The atmosphere is nice and the rooms are quite clean. However, they do lack in services quite a bit. The housekeeping is quite slow and the room service food is not great. I would recommend this place for a single night stay.

Shashank Desai (29/01/2017 15:56)
The restaurant tis good but does not have a proper evacuation plan and does not have fire safety in place. We had a marriage planes in that place it was quiet spacious to be in there but some visionary guests noted the lack of fire safety and emergency evacuation plan.

The place is still good to go.

Mohit Sharma (21/04/2017 22:06)
An old school hotel with amenities out of time and date. Lazy staff behaviour. Not fun staying.

Chintan Panchal (07/04/2017 15:43)
Best hotel, good staff, very safe place, near to main ring road. Best for families, & friends.

sanjiv sutreja (10/02/2017 02:58)
Great location but no so good rooms

Safvan Saiyed (27/09/2017 11:47)
Very bad service provide by Hotel midnight elctricity power cut but genrator was started by hotel staff....and no one was attending a cal at reception....and food quality also not upon the mark....
2 days stay was very painfull




Sachin Gaur (01/09/2017 20:13)
If you are a alcoholic and going to Gujrat. Authorised liquore Shop is very near by.
Staff is very helpful and Supportive.

Naishadh Patel (08/08/2017 00:40)
I went for lunch. Very good choice and taste. Will go again

Fragrance flora (05/07/2017 01:02)
The hotel is clean and rooms are good. They have a wine shop on the ground floor for the tourists as alcohol is banned in gujrat but you can fill a form and get it if you are a visitor and have a valid hotel booking proof

Jayant Kumar (04/07/2017 21:03)
Stayed here for 5 days. It was raining in Ahmedabad. And there was some damp wood smell inside the hotel. The food was good. The rooms were ok. Needs improvement in cleanliness. No packaged water, only RO water in jug were provided in the room. All Staffs were very good.

GaViN Fernandes (29/11/2017 15:53)
Terrible service. No air conditioning. Lack reservation details despite booking in advance. To top it all there were mosquitoes

Srivatsan Krishnamurthy (19/11/2017 22:20)
Upper end. Awesome breakfast guys. Lovely place for a comfortable stay.

GOPAL PRAJAPATI (16/11/2017 17:34)
Location is very good, atmosphere is good, rooms are comparatively small, rooms are well cleaned and services are good.

Pravin Kumar (18/11/2017 22:29)
Hotel is good but smell was coming from the room due to renovation and painting work.

Yuvraj Singh (19/10/2017 13:41)
Hotel staff are nice and well behaved but they need to work on their bathrooms
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