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Ramdevnagar Cross Road, Ramdevnagar, Satellite, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015, India
Coordinate: 23.0278763, 72.5121665
Rating: 4.40
Phone: +91 79 6618 5000 hotels/ travel/ amdcy-courtyard-ahmedabad/ ?scid=bb1a189a-fec3-4d19-a255-54ba596febe2
Opening Hours:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
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Tirthak Modi (14/04/2017 15:57)

The hotel satisfied all of our needs. Great location, and great service overall from all staff especially in the hotel restaurant who are very attentive to our needs. The staff is courteous and helpful. The food spread is awesome. An excellent hotel. Highly recommend.

Pranav Panat (05/04/2017 01:46)
The visit actually was in "Java+" a cafe that is in the hotel itself.. so I'll just give brief review about the cafe:
One of the hustling-bustling cafe's of Ahmedabad. Splendid ambiance, amazing decor, and they have this whole wall section which is dedicated to Harley Davidson. They have amazing options for coffee and a wide range of fresh deserts. Overall a nice place to hangout with friends and colleagues, and you can visit the cafe at any time as it operates 24hrs. Cheers!!

Sapna Sharma (21/03/2017 20:11)
Good food with beautiful location. I had my birthday celebration here and must tell you the food here in amazing. One can have try on buffet as the variety here is quite interesting. Well behaved and courteous staff.

Dhara Jajal (26/03/2017 00:02)
We were sitting at the main lobby to have coffee. No water was served. No one approached us to ask our order. Roasted bread came without butter. We had to ask for the same. Staff was busy chatting to each other instead of focusing on guests.

Emmajay Murphy (19/03/2017 17:54)
The staff were great and the rooms were top notch. Unfortunately they decided to fumigate the premises one night when we were coming back and allowed us to enter without any warning. This resulted in not being able to breathe and vomiting etc.

Daljinder Singh (19/09/2017 20:32)
Stay was pleasant. Valet parking with nice staff. Well maintained rooms and room service was quick. Extremely sumptuous food. Overall it was an amazing stay at Marriott Ahmedabad.

vishal patel (06/08/2017 00:45)
Name Courtyard by Marriott is requiring quality in each level, but my experience with courtyard is very poor. If i have choice below or - star i would like to give, but no choice. So only one star but from me it's - 5 Star, We are organizing 2-3 events in a year. But it's worst experience ever we have. After coordinating with each and every person of hotel, they show un organized 1 star hotel employees. Banquet - furniture are broken, no arrangement, people are running here and there when we ask some think small no preparation. 1st time food service is good, after that it's like just filling food products, because they have to do. There is no coordination from lower employee to upper management. After complaining they love to here again same, but you will not get attention or solution. Think so many times before goes for your event.

Deepak Yadav (03/10/2017 12:32)
Situated at main ring road. Vallet parking. High security check. After you enter the ambience will take you away from the world and the food and service you can never imagine. Loved it.

shubham agarwal (07/08/2017 21:34)
It is a nice and cozy place to stay and visit. The quality of food provided is good and hygienic and even tasty. The hotel also gives various benefits for the guests. Its lobby is awesome and the staff is super friendly. The rooms are very well made.

saumya modi (24/09/2017 18:33)
Exquisitely amazing pool . Awesome ambiance also has a good cafe. The cafe also has a smoking zone. Amazing service by the staff and the Staff is really polite . Great place for late night food cravings.

Sonakshi Bajaj (04/12/2017 14:02)
A small place as corporate hotels go but as good as they come. Spacious and stylish rooms, impeccable service. The breakfast buffet is decent and the room service was timely and food delicious. The executive lounge doesn't offer much variety but they more than make up for it with the personal attention the staff gives each customer. Lovely experience overall. Would definitely visit again.

Hriday Bhatia (04/12/2017 17:56)
The staff is good and courteous and the rooms are great but the food lags behind. The buffet at mono cafe that used to be one of the best in town has now degraded to below par standards. Even the name cards for the dishes were misplaced during our last visit and I am saying this after being a consistent visitor for nearly 4 years. The food at bayleaf too is between okay and good for the prices they charge. A few dishes are excellent whereas others, plain mediocre. No complaints for service though.

Jyotika Jain (20/11/2017 20:45)
The staff is very helpful. Wish there were more options on their food menu or a change in the menu which hasn't changed for a year. Would also prefer that their business centre is more functional. It's a hassle to use and get urgent prints. Last time the keyboard had a non-functional space-bar. Which meant that there was no coherent typing that could be done.

Prasad Sanyal (06/11/2017 01:03)
Spent two nights at a very comfortable room at the Courtyard Marriott in Ahmedabad. The rooms are well turned out. The view outside the room isn't to die for and I wish the couch was less straight backed and more comfortable. The housekeeping is very efficient but room service takes time.

Jaydeep Meda (30/11/2017 00:01)
Very good. parking available. Very good service. Nice people. and very understanding and humble people. Buffet was good.
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