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Gym, Health, Point Of Interest, Establishment
205-206, Corner Point Building, Jetalpur Rd, Above Anjoy Restaurant, Vishwas Colony, Vadiwadi, Vadodara, Gujarat 390007, India
Coordinate: 22.3085967, 73.1687495
Rating: 5.00
Phone: +91 95374 84767
Opening Hours:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Sunday: Closed
khushboo patel (15/08/2017 21:03)
I had always found it difficult to stick with yoga but Health First changed my perception for sure! The classes here are infused with such great energy - this is the first yoga studio where I joined, took yoga seriously and I became a fan of yoga! Dr. Smita Ma’am is so personable and motivating yoga teacher that you wish to follow her without a second thought! From someone who found it difficult in the past to incorporate yogic life, I now always look forward to classes. Surely if you are thinking to join Yoga at Health First for any health issue, you will also be writing an excellent review note, I bet!

Bhaval Kella (15/08/2017 15:25)
My Pregnancy Yoga Story @Health First

I was very sure of doing yoga during my pregnancy because I had known the benefits of prenatal yoga through social media and other colleagues. But now was an important decision as to where do I get a yoga teacher who understands individual challenges and personalises the entire experience. And that is when Dr. Smita and Health First happened to me. I have enjoyed my tenure during pregnancy visiting Health First and every time I looked forward to the next day as to when do I reach there. The positive vibe that you get while entering the yoga premises spoke a lot about the environment. Dr. Smita is a very jovial personality and that makes things lot easier.

The testimony to the fact is that I never had major issues during my pregnancy and above all I managed a normal delivery even at the age of 33 year.

Pragna Vipul (19/08/2017 15:03)
Initially, when my husband advised me to try yoga, I was bit reluctant for two reasons, one was the distance as the centre is 14 kms from my home and the other was I find yoga classes very slow :-). Upon his insistence, I joined Health First with a promise that I will go for one month only. But….It has been almost a year now, my association with Health First is continued and it will continue for life-long. Not only me, my husband and my daughter everyone in the family has become regular members at Health First. Dr. Smita Gautam without a doubt is highly knowledgeable and helpful to everyone whether you are just starting out your yoga journey or you are more advanced. Best yoga centre around 🙂

ROSHNI AGRAWAL (14/08/2017 15:37)
Being a single mother, I had lots of challenges on health, family and office fronts. My son was living away from me and this was very bad patch of my life. I decided to try yoga. Finally, I walk in Health First and it was life changing experience with so positive atmosphere of Health First, I recovered from spondylitis and severe back pain problems really fast. My visits at Health First and yoga classes with Smita madam started changing my life. Smita madam infused lots of confidence and awareness in respect of mind-body-soul. More particularly how to cope up with anxiety and stress with the help of yogic life. Though, I have been transferred from Vadodara to Jabalpur, I really miss the physical touch and feel of Health First but Smita madam is always a call away for any guidance.

maunish patel (18/08/2017 13:11)
It has been almost 4 months visiting Health First Yoga Studio; I find that it was my best decision to join Health First. Before joining the class, I was into depression and my confidence had collapsed but yoga sessions and positive encouragement here at Health First has made me much aware, relaxed & confident. I have increased my physical as well as mental flexibility by practicing Asanas. Along with Asanas, I learned Kriyas too. Here the staff members namely Purvi Madam and Naina Madam are very friendly and supportive. I really want to express my heartfelt thank to Dr. Smita Madam for her guidance and personalized care. I strongly recommend everyone to visit @ health First; you will feel the change in your life.

Sonal Hatila (22/09/2017 01:03)
I used to do Gym and I tried all sorts of means but nothing worked out for me. I have severe back pain problem and also from being normal to fat, I gained more weight from last Six years. My sister insisted to join Health First yoga classes…And within a week no body pain, no stress, and even I can bend down without bending my knees. Got lot of confidence by coming here, the environment here, the happy faces in morning makes my day!

purvi patel (11/09/2017 16:58)
I vote 5 stars if there were more i could have done that too. I joined health first to cope up with my pre menopausal symptoms and weight gain due to that. It has been 16 months now and i have benefitted amazingly which lead me to motivate my family members to start with yoga too. And now my family is part of health first family😀. All i have to say is health first is one of its kind yoga therapy centre for all, be it kids,adults or senior citizens.

Mansi Shah (16/09/2017 12:38)
Want to get rid of laziness, loose body, all sorts of big n small problems of body? One stop solution is YOGA with additional benefit of peaceful mind. Contact Smita Gautam, join her classes and see the change. I guarantee only positive benefits aligned with it and not a single negative outcome.
Thank you Smita.

Tanushree Gaekwad (29/05/2018 12:41)
Name says it all.. Health First!!
Excellent place with good instructors and Dr. Smita herself takes keen interest and gives attention to everyone.

Andy Kristen (27/03/2018 20:21)
I had been suffering from anxiety from long time. I tried many medications but they provided onIy provided temporary reilief.I was not at all aware regarding the benefits of yoga before coming to Heath first yoga center. Coming to health first helped me to gradually decrease my anxiety and stress. It also helped me to gain self - confidence. All teachers are very supportive and helpful.

khushbu bhatt (10/03/2018 00:04)
Its a best yoga centre of the town for the rehab your posture, attitude towards life and mental to do yoga with personalized approach..can't resist my self to go ...thumbs up to dr.smita gautam...keep it up😊😊

Minal Bhatt (28/02/2018 21:08)
I would start this review by thanking you for the change in my life and health. All my I'll health problems and some of body aches have gone because of you . Medicines like combiflame had become a daily routine are now almost gone. Now I even feel better as negative thinking has gone away .A year back I felt not coming to Health first but now I feel uncomfortable when I am not able to visit Health first regularly.My Diabetes is also in control because of your yoga. People also complement me on the glow on my face. I want to even thank Purvi for her diet plan,naina and even the friends company.Truly your help and dedication towards work is spreaded in the whole areana.
Thank you.
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