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Hotel, Restaurant, Food, Point Of Interest, Establishment
18/19, Alkapuri Society, Dr. Rustom Cama Marg, Aradhana Society, Alkapuri, Vadodara, Gujarat 390007, India
Coordinate: 22.312294, 73.172029
Rating: 4.20
Phone: +91 265 309 9000
Opening Hours:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
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Umang Thanki (28/05/2017 17:33)
The service was excellent and the food was delicious. The restaurant did a good job with all the flavors. Would definitely go back.

Haluk Yorgancı (01/05/2017 21:45)
It's good hotel with friendly peoples. Clean enough according to Indian standards. Breakfast is good enough for European people. Many local people coming for hotel restaurant.

Pratik Bhatt (25/02/2017 10:09)
Worst place to stay. The staff is very very rude. Especially the receptionist he is a beti very rude person who doesn't know how to behave with a customer. He is always ready to fight with you. We had a very unpleasant experience here. He fights with you even when you ask for an extra paper napkins. The rooms are very very small and the facilities are poor. The AC, TV remote doesn't work properly and if you call the help desk to complain about this, they tell you, you can change the hotel. Food is insanely expensive and of very poor quality. All they care for is tip and they have the audacity to ask for tip after providing filthy services and rude behavior. Would never recommend this hotel.

Vatsal Thakkar (24/04/2017 22:38)
The ambience of bayleaf was awesome but service and response of waiters was not appreciable. Cost is not too expensive but then on the contrary, they don't provide enough quantity as per the requirement and the taste was also mild.

Paridh Patel (22/05/2017 14:03)
Though the waiting area is quite small but the ambience and rest of the hotel makes up for it. And not to miss the restaurant, it's just amazing.

Swapnil Patel (11/10/2017 14:18)
Good hotel and fantastic ambiance. Good ambiance with good taste in food and great service to customers. Good place to have Indian as well as continental food. The rooms are great and spacious and clean. The smell is soothing and the entire hotel is super clean.

minesh shah (19/10/2017 22:30)
Great food and service.
I've just visited the. The prices are reasonable.
Try veg chakori.
This a great restaurant as well as a good café and a great hotel also.
The staff is very caring and polite.
You will love the view here.
Valet parking is also available free of cost.
They provide veg as well as non-veg service.
If i love it,thenYou will also love it.

Pulkit Virani (17/09/2017 15:16)
Very corteous services. Nicely appointed rooms. Two restaurants serving delicious food. One exclusive Italian with wood fired oven.Another serving varied cuisines.

Wilson Nadar (27/09/2017 16:47)
I liked the rooms. Very clean. Value for money. Good & friendly staff

Saptak Mankad (11/06/2017 21:01)
Fantastic Restaurant to have a Saturday night dinner at. We visited the 'Bayleaf'. The Punjabi preparations were amazing and we cherished it. The ambience is quiet cool, and the service is prompt without any kind of delay. The desert options were quiet good and mouth watery too. It's location is a bit hard to reach since it's not on a main Road, but that fine if you use Google Maps. The rooms are quite nice too and reasonably priced. We are happy with our visit and recommend you to visit too.

Jay Pandya (19/11/2017 00:03)
One of the nicest ambience is what you can get at this place for mixing breakfast... Options are relatively low compared to competitors, but they definitely have a good breakfast... Recommended

Sarfaraznawaz Patel (06/12/2017 08:21)
Pathetic service had been for workshop for 3 days and were given tap water poured in distilled water bottle. It was by chance that we figured out that bottles were not sealed and thus asked them to replace with sealed bottles but to our surprise they were reluctant and only after insisting they agreed. Still on day two same story tap water poured in distilled water bottle. And repeat on day 3. SHAME. Gave feeling of a road side dhaba and no way a 4 star hotel.if some one from express if reading this do take a note of same. For me would say a definite NO. Who knows what they do in kitchens if they do so for water. Hygiene at risk.

Sreeram Varahan (25/12/2017 01:04)
The name can be a bit confusing since there is another facility by the same name.Located in a place which does not have e adequate lighting.The restaurant is good and those manning the same are fantastic.Dont know from where they get such friendly empliyees.Room was good and Italian cuisine deserves a special mention

rutul patel (24/12/2017 20:04)
I love the ambience at Express Residency. The food and service is awesome
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