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Hotel, Point Of Interest, Establishment
8th Floor, Lalita Tower, Akota Rd, Behind Railway Station West, Jetalpur, Vadodara, Gujarat 390020, India
Coordinate: 22.3082576, 73.1799849
Rating: 3.20
Phone: +91 265 231 4734 contact-us
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Altamash Khan (10/03/2017 00:20)
it was quite neat and clean , at night after 10 the area become very quite and silence . The lift was a suspicious thing and its very old i was praying it should work or i have to walk 8th floor , staff was good and co-opertive

Shikhar Agarwal (22/03/2017 14:08)
Lifts are quite old and may get you thinking that it might stop anytime.Rooms and bedsheets and towels are not clean.Not at all recommended for family trips.

pranay chaudhari (15/12/2016 01:32)
Clean rooms and good food service

Raja Aslam Sha (07/10/2016 09:27)
I stayed here for a night and I'm not that much happy about my staying there. The room was clean but the towels, bedspreads are not that good. The toilets and corners of room was full of spider webs. It's located in the 8th floor of lalitha tower, which is a pretty, very old building with dangerous lift/elevator. The journey to 8th floor in that elevator was my most fearful worst experience. It's budget hotel, yet I won't wish to stay there in future if needed and don't recommend to others.

Sahil Bhatia (07/09/2016 22:41)
Hotel staff was polite and cooperative and rooms were clean. 
The best part, I checked in hotel at 3am with a possibility of getting just a bed but got my room instead (i.e hotel has 24 hour check in/out not mentioned anywhere) Apart from good, the only thing i was worried about was taking the lift. Let's call it the mysterious lift which only works with prayers thats why taking the stairs to 8th floor would be better than the lift. Concluding my review i would love to stay here again.

Nitin Sharma (18/08/2017 10:55)
I was there on 15 February 2017 and they charged me about ₹400 I have booked it from a online apps. The place is very near to railway station. Just leave the station from the back side and start Walking Street there will be a crossing just close it and move ahead and you will find the hotel building. Not talking about the place the place is so so it is not very good not very bad it's ok ok you can say because the hotel is on the 8 floor of the building and the lift its disastrous thing it was like hell you will even think why did I even get on this left as hell lot of a trouble but trouble I didn't mean that it doesn't work it did work but the condition of the lift is so bad when you get on it and it starts moving you will think what is happening but its working no doubt that there is a problem in it or anything like that but the condition is so bad and moving on to the reviews of the hotel. The hotel is good not very bad you can say not very very very good its good value to money hotel you will find whatever they have written on the food menu they have their own kitchen but talking about the cleaners it's good but not as you will expect as from a hotel of course it's a cheap hotel there for the cleanliness is not up to the mark they should have done but it's good you can say it won't be the problem for you I can bet on that if you don't want to spend much then this would be your best choice I can say but yes if you are looking for a comfortable place then don't go for it by comfortable I mean a very much comfortable place

Vibhu Sri (26/11/2017 09:50)
Worst hotel I have visited ever. It is on 8th floor of some Tower, lift is dam so bad, service is not good, food is okay but not upto mark and also you wont get anything to eat after 11pm from hotel until and unless you have anything to eat... Bed sheet, pillow cover, towel is bad too.

Swati kumari (30/11/2017 13:19)
This place is nice..being on the top floor of lalita tower, one can have a whole view of vadodara city. Enjoying this view.
But yeah...while reaching on the top floor, One could experience a disastrous fear...fear of gettng stuck inside the lift. The lift is soooo old n its runs like it can stop anyfloor or even in the middle . I dnt know whether emergency service inside the lift works proper or not.
But its good as per the amount charged.
Hotel staffs are polite. Cleanliness is okay..but can be improved.
Not recommended for family trips. Good for 1 or 2 ppl to stay for 1 or 2 days.
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