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No.387, Laxmi Chamber, behind Punjab National Bank, ,, Sector 16, Gandhinagar, Sector 16, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382016, India
Coordinate: 23.229834, 72.64873
Rating: 3.20
Phone: +91 79 2324 7017
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Joginder Rathee (11/03/2017 01:16)
Good salads but require some more work on pizzas, some are good but some lack in taste.

Malay Patel (03/01/2017 10:45)
Food quality and staff was good when I used to go there but I haven't visited it in a while so can't say exactly what's going on now.

Parikshit Trivedi (06/12/2016 13:19)
Excellent customer service...came up with new varieties of salads..improved pizza menu and softness of pizza base. Quick serving of orders.

Margesh Patel (24/12/2016 03:24)
Food quality not good. Bad staff behavior.

Anand Rangpara (01/10/2016 11:46)
A place where I didn't enjoy the taste of pizza. They don't turn on AC in morning. Salad is the only happening thing here.

Harshad Patel (13/06/2016 13:25)
The salad was not cold as needed.
The pizzaz were re cooked and served.
When we asked for cold drinks they says it's not chilled as it just arrived.

So. The hot products were cold and cold products were hot.

Over all 2/10

Jignesh james (19/11/2017 19:12)
Good taste of food
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