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Gym, Health, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Bazaar Road, Near Balaji Restaurant, Off Hill Road, Bandra West, Ranwar, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051, India
Coordinate: 19.0543909, 72.8310389
Rating: 4.90
Phone: +91 98197 08804
Opening Hours:
Monday: 8:00 – 9:00 PM
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 8:00 – 9:00 PM
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 8:00 – 9:00 PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
Ravi Shastri (22/03/2017 23:44)
I am involved into various other martial arts but Muay Thai has add on to my stamina. I highly recommend people to join and I am sure you will be surprised to see the inner strength of yours.

Clint Misquitta (09/04/2017 21:02)
I met biki years ago and have been training with him since. He is not just a great teacher but a wonderful human being as well. If your looking for a martial arts class in Mumbai go no further ...Join now!

Shaikh Farzan (14/04/2017 14:18)
Iv been trianing with biki sir for 4 years now and just cant let go of his muay thai training. He has help me develop my stamina and taught me a great deal about kick boxing and self defence.

Khushi Cap (27/02/2017 12:03)
Excellent class for weight loss and self defense. Biki sir is an amazing coach.

Farzeen Captain (26/03/2017 21:37)
Amazing training with Biki sir. Helped with weight loss and building up my stamina.

Glyndon Dsilva (03/10/2017 20:45)
If you want a great workout - YOU WILL LOVE THIS PLACE! This coach is amazing and very helpful whenever you have questions. The place is always clean and ready for class. You will lose pounds AND inches, but more importantly, you will feel amazing!

Shameem Akthar (04/10/2017 13:17)
Best Muay Thai teacher. Gives personal attention even in grouo class. Focuses on developing fighting and self defence skills. Builds confidence in facing any fighting challenge. Unlike other classes the focus is on the pure art of fighting. Conditioning and prepping for the fights and also takes care for post recovery with intense stretching and body shaping.

Javed Sayed (04/10/2017 20:53)
I looked around for several months before starting to train at Biki Bora Classes, I found a very good home here with a lot of amazing people, Biki has an amazing heart and spirit and uses that in his teaching of Muay Thai kick boxing. He reaches out to people of any age and makes them feel welcome, the classes are friendly and inclusive to help build a very strong culture. I enjoy my training immensely.

Sheena Walia (04/10/2017 23:08)
if u want a great work out this coach is amazing and very helpful and whenever u have any questions u will luv this place bcoz it is always clean and at a nice place u will see the difference in ur body within a month in this class

Lokesh Rane (01/10/2017 23:56)
Nice place ......awesome coach Mr biki bora ... must join ... open for all warrior muay thai..

Manisha Nikam (08/03/2018 16:12)
Biki Sir ,as we fondly call him is one of the fittest, friendly, warm, approachable and passionate coaches one will ever come across!
He is not only a great trainer but an exceptional prep man. His highly analytical training approach, incredibly creative training sessions which include new training techniques and routines makes me look forward to his classes !
Every session gets challenging and you realise with every class that you are progressing appropriately in your strength, stamina and game .
The sessions are ultimate high-intensity interval training workout and what gets us through is Biki Sir's positive reinforcement, unbiased interaction with students and his unquestionable energy that sets the class ln fire making it most lively and crazy fun as well!

A few stubborn pounds and even stubborn inches is what I have lost in just 3 months of training with him! ( without any diet)

What I have gained is a lot! However a significant few would be :
1. Great place to de-stres.
2. Healthy lifestyle
3. Fun warm social atmosphere,
last but not the least...
A Great coach !!!
I would highly recommend Biki Bora's Mauy Thai classes to everyone looking for a complete mind and body workout!
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