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Panch Marg, Off. Yari Road, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Coordinate: 19.1398223, 72.8160876
Rating: 4.50
Phone: +91 22 2636 1446
Feroz Ahmad (25/12/2017 11:12)
ICAR- Central Institute Of Fisheries Versova.

One of the most recognized fisheries universities all in India.

Acedemics- The acedemics is essentially well taught thats is why the unversity is ranked good for it and there is a good chance of a very great prospective future be it acedemics or the the private sector. The library is very big with full access to so many books and topics.

Campus- The campus is well managed and the security quite good. The gardens as well as the buildings are very well managed. The hostals are not that maintained, but that can be ignored considering the constant hamering or the students. Sports complex is quite good, well maintained and with good equipments.

Mess- Well organised, well maintained with good taste.

Smita Pendharkar (05/12/2017 12:40)
The library is the most outstanding place on - campus. Designed like an American / European library and stocked neatly. Kudos to the chief librarian Mr.Koli. The staff is extremely helpful and hospitable.

Mr. Prasanta Jana FNFT-PA7-03 (12/11/2017 23:48)
Want to be a techno craft??? come and join us

Dabhi Raj (01/11/2017 23:17)
I wish if I get admission there after my BFSc (Veraval, Gujarat). But I also know that I can't get admission. Lol😇

Rajesh kumar Kumar (29/07/2017 14:02)
One of the best institute for fisheries education
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