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Hotel, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Near Destination Center, Magarpatta City, Hadapsar, Magarpatta City, Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra 411013, India
Coordinate: 18.509157, 73.928513
Rating: 4.10
Phone: +91 20 6624 4444
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vikram katyal (16/05/2017 00:58)
Good food and comfortable stay. They provide you an apartment with basic facilities. Good for short and long stays.

Brijesh Sharma (28/05/2017 17:44)
Inexpensive, complimentary breakfast. Good in services, only food section needs an improvement.

P Bala Subramaniyan (10/04/2017 18:49)
nice location..very well is also OK.

Pooja Giri (03/06/2017 12:07)
I love the ambience and feel peaceful when I sit and enjoy dinner at Cocoon.Love the food.

Nipam Shah (23/04/2017 23:46)
A decent place to stay in magarpatta. Service is good..

Lokendra Rewapati (16/07/2017 16:42)
Rooms are spacious and clean. Quick service response time. Supportive staff well trained group of people. Wide range of food options are available with a reasonable price. Food quality is very good, healthy and pure natural.Free breakfast.

Ishaan Aggarwal (01/08/2017 08:33)
It is a nice hotel. If you want to stay in magarpatta city for 2-3 days and want a location near destination centre-the only good market of the city- as well as not deep in the city, it is the best option. Rooms are well maintained and service is also nice. Since it's not a very big hotel, they provide everything at their best.

Tarun Dhawan (07/10/2017 00:07)
It was really average. At times the light was getting off and the ceiling was leaking in my washroom. So overall I won't recommend. Only good part is its located near to magarpatta

Veeren Oswal (17/08/2017 13:01)
Good place to have a quality time with family. The food is delicious and the service is good. Recommended for family time and business meeting.

Saumen Das (14/10/2017 18:30)
Nice hotel in Pune, love to stay again whenever I will be in Pune. Peaceful environment & very cooperative staffs. Good food destination.

Jayanth Kurup (29/11/2017 20:22)
One of the best business hotel I have stayed in. Excellent staff spacious rooms , good food. Comparable with any five star hotel in all aspects. Room rates are slightly above average but definitely worth it.

karthik Ivaturi (14/12/2017 02:52)
Nice hotel, very cozy environment. The balcony to the room is really nice. You can stay just as your home. I got a small kitchenette, bar table, nice bathroom & the locality is really peaceful.

Shweta Agrawal (13/12/2017 10:01)
Loved the experience. Professional, polite and courteous staff. Happily available conserve you even at midnight. I loved the beauty, cleanliness and overall hygiene of the room as well as washroom.

Zyron Oviedo (01/11/2017 22:50)
Room was nice. It was a 1 bedroom condo. And i had a veranda! It was really nice!

The food was okay.
Bathroom was clean.

Though the one thing that struck me was the service. Being in a hotel, you would expect the people to at least say good morning,afternoon, etc.when you pass by, or at least a nod. In my 2 weeks of stay, i almost never heard those words or even got a nod back when i greeted them. Staff will always be busy talking amogst themselves. This simple gesture already suggest how they lack good interaction with guests. They do not feel welcome.

Nahush Khubalkar (13/12/2017 12:22)
Very nice hotel. Peaceful ambience. Cozy comfortable rooms. Located at Magarpatta City
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