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Place Type:
Food, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Dahivati Tarf Boreti, Mumbai, Maharashtra 410203, India
Coordinate: 18.7936647, 73.2977933
Rating: 3.30
Phone: +91 1234 567 891
Opening Hours:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
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Pinak Kulakarni (28/02/2017 16:56)
I have been visiting this place for multiple years. The tea is consistently of the same taste. Food is alright. Ambience is poor. Toilets keep oscillating between clean and unclean! They don't accept digital payments.

Ahmed Mulla (17/05/2017 01:22)
Oldest on expressway. Its good option for hold on way to breakfast ,food or Tea. HP petrol station and ATM is nearby. They should also work on renovation.

Aniket Joshi (07/03/2017 14:58)
Female Travelers Beware, PEEPING TOM ALERT - Avoid using lavatories(Toilets) within the old food mall building. My wife had to go through a shocking experience where a man was Peeping into the women's toilet through the maintenance duct accessible from the Men's toilet. The steel mesh door to the maintenance duct was broken by force and assuming it was an inside job.

Akshat Kumar (01/05/2017 18:29)
Quick service. Clean toilets.
Good amount of food items on the menu. Not so costly as well.

Udoay Payyadi (12/02/2017 20:57)
A good highway food joint where you practically get wide variety. Taste n hygiene is in very good. Plenty of parking n ATM available. HP Petrol pump very well managed n maintained, PUC, Air n nitrogen available.

avdhesh singh (02/10/2017 16:37)
Good food at low price but no sitting options.Better to visit on backside which serve better options with table to sit and take dinner/lunch/brunch..
Cleanliness must be improved.

Nilesh Rayate (20/10/2017 03:24)
Beware here from Car Scratchers who wants to sell their scratch remover product.
We were coming to Pune from Mumbai by our car (with family) , were hungry so we parked our vehicle at parking of the mall. Few local (Tapori looking) boys come to us and shown 2/3 scaches on our car and shown the product who can remove it. We said No , thanks to them and went to eat something.
After coming after just 30 min...
They totally scratched my car from all sides.
Are deva..., They also used hard material like cutter to scratch the plastic part of the car.
I was literally about to cry because just on that day I washed my car myself for Diwali festival so knew even small scratches.
Then again a knew boy came with same product and ask if he can remove scratches.

What can I do ? I try to find out the previous boys but they were not there nearby. Must be hiding.

So friends , that's what my story, so don't ever go to the mall who is having people who are trying to sell Scratch remover product of Car.
The above is the Mall where I faced it first time in my life for 30 min boring food & surrounded by above mentioned cheap people.

Take care.

dhawal pawar (18/10/2017 00:18)
Uhhhh place....feels as if gavatlya lagnacha juna karyalay...seating arrangements 0% other option in area....the food infront (ie.from pune to mumbai) is most better... this is third called bhairavi' was ok...stray dogs literally roam here...besides ur table...un clean toilets...diirty wash basin...variety of tasteless food items...and by looks no cleanliness is maintined...the food court in front on other side of the highway is served per minute by a cleaner...need to improve!!!!

manohar murge (05/10/2017 07:52)

Suresh Ayyappa 1 ram (01/10/2017 10:24)
Quick n Good service. Misal Pav Authentic Maharashtra taste

Himanshu Pathak (14/11/2017 09:52)
Food is of decent quality. Price being on the higher side and understandable because of the place being away from the suburbs. Visit to satisfy your hunger while on a long drive. Different varieties of food offered

tejas bhamare (16/12/2017 13:50)
Being the only place to eat on the express way in nearby vicinity you don't have any other options.
And hence the food is on costlier side than other restaurants. You'll get varaity in food though.
Restrooms are also hygienic there.
Would have rated higher if they reduce food price

Anu Vinu (24/11/2017 15:44)
Ok place to visit. Not much Hygienic but a good option for a quick bite. Only snacks and fast food, no lunch or dinner options.

Atul Kamble (26/11/2017 19:18)
Food is good, the place is also well situated, where the passenger can alight and get refreshment from the journey. The parking facility well maintained for private vehicles and for Transport buses.

kaushik sontakke (29/11/2017 10:51)
Quick snacks stop when traveling to pune. Lot of options available. Coupon system and self service. You should ignore hygiene when eating here 😉.
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