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Nargis Villa, Water Bungalow, Sherly Rajan Road, Near Rizvi College, Opp ICICI Bank, Bandra West, D Block, Railway Colony, Shirley, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050, India
Coordinate: 19.06567, 72.8247194
Rating: 4.20
Phone: +91 22 6554 5001
Opening Hours:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
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Camille Marciano (22/12/2016 17:26)
Nice place ! Whether you want to pratice yoga or just enjoy a healthy meal, you will love this house. There is some space to relax with sofas and pillows and food is awesome.
Yoga courses are also perfect and people welcoming

Parag Vaity (18/11/2016 21:24)
Nice place for chillax. Feel like goan cafe 😁
Food is good n healthy. But juices was not cold 🤔.
Staff is good n cooperative. Quick service. If possible please try BALCONY sitting. This time I missed that, but next time definitely I'll go for balcony 👍

Manan Shroff (05/10/2016 05:54)
Even if you aren't into much yoga or exercise you should try the eateries available here. Ambience is average. Price is not too high. Good staff service.

Aditya Saraogi (03/11/2016 13:24)
I orderd food at 10.30 am. They told me it will take 45 mins. If i need it faster, i can order through swiggy. I was comfortable ordering through them and clearly told them 11.15 is fine with me. I got a call from them at 11.30 to confirm the order ! Its 12 noon now and seems their person is still on the way.

Never order food through them.

Avi Saban (25/01/2017 11:57)
Great food, amazing yoga. Check this place out!

The Jeremy Eaton (13/06/2017 23:44)
If your are an out of towner yogi and you want to take a class and have lunch, this is the place for you. The food selection is great for clean eaters and the classes are excellent. The classrooms are small so the teachers are able to give you the individual attention. High recommend!

Shivani Vakilwala (26/07/2017 01:54)
I had heard so much about this place but its just overated! We ordered for this salad with feta cheese and olives it was just not upto the mark, v had even ordered for their signature smoothie trust me its nothing but banana milkshake and their sandwich was more like a bruschetta so dissapointed and the place is also not very easy to find, until your a big fan of yoga and a crazy health freak u can definitely give this place a miss

Rashna Irani (12/07/2017 18:30)
A green place in all respects, call it a green house or a tree house!
Be it the color of the building or the energising yet relaxing vibes of the yoga class downstairs or the fitness-inspiring menu, The Yoga House is a must visit if you want a taste of health, nature and solitude in one go. The place is divided across the floors, with a seating of high stools, chairs, cushions and pillows. I loved the way they have named the dishes and frames of yoga poses on a certain wall; adds to the overall feel of the place! Also, they serve water in copper glasses! 😍

I wanted the Wheatgrass Shot but as it was unavailable, began with the refreshing Energy Shot of amla and ginger. (3.5/5)

From the breakfast menu, we had the Ten Grains Bread With Paneer Bhurji wherein scrambled cottage cheese cooked with tomatoes, onions and herbs is served with toasted bread. I felt it was a bit high on the turmeric (3.5/5)

The Clear Veg Soup (I AM REFRESHING) was loaded with brocolli, spinach leaves, finely chopped bell peppers, carrots, onion and garlic seasoned with salt and black pepper. Light and delicious! (4/5)

The Ayurvedic Tomato Soup with tomatoes, onion, garlic, cinnamon, curry leaves and black pepper tastes natural as compared to the artificially flavoured ones you get elsewhere. Both the soups are served with multigrain bread. (3.5/5)

I AM INVITING Vanika's Salad made of couscous, has crunch coming in the form of walnuts and a hint of sweet from the pomegranate, topped with fresh parsley and feta cheese. The concoction of orange juice, white vinegar, white pepper and olive oil adds zing to the otherwise bland salad. (3.5/5)

If you are craving a burger that's not loaded with calories, TYH has two such healthy variants. The signature I AM DETOXIFYING Quinoa Burger with watermelon seeds, basil, coriander and spring onions served with homemade hummus is a delight for hummus-lovers. Served with a side of lettuce and tomato salsa. (4.5/5)

I AM TONING is a maxi protein cottage cheese burger where the patty is made of paneer, olives, sundried tomatoes and almonds, the chutney made of spinach. Filling and yumm! (4/5)

Desserts called for the I AM STIMULATING sin-free chocolate mousse that's made from dark chocolate and dates to add a bit of sweetness as they add no sugar or artificial sweeteners. (4.5/5)
The Carrot Cake is moist and soft, made of fresh carrots that uses minimal raw sugar, flour, yogurt, butter, cinnamon and spices. (4.5/5)
The eggless Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie made of crushed chocolate chips, flour, cocoa, brown sugar surprises you with melted chocolate in the centre! (4.5/5)

Service is relaxed and friendly.

A must visit place if you are near Rizvi college or need some inspiration to eat and live healthy

Shrutika S (26/06/2017 16:13)
A cozy place to spend your weekend afternoons...Try the hash browns and dark chocolate mousse and avoid drinks here.

Gabriela Carpizo (16/04/2017 17:38)
Food is incredible here with normal prices. If you go to have a late lunch you can stay in the lounge with pillows and chill there for a while. You can go and read a book while having a refreshing juice!

Arun Nagarajan (14/10/2017 14:45)
Visited the cafe, great good. Extremely fresh and tasty. Has a lot of healthy, organic options. Good place to have a weekend breakfast or meal. The portion sizes were slightly smaller than what we were used to. But deliciously made. Good ambience with open and floor seating.

Saurabh Airi (10/09/2017 14:49)
The place to rejuvenate and read in a serene environment. The food menu is absolutely creative healthy vegan and tasty!!!!! Must go.

ABBAS KAPASI (10/09/2017 21:04)
A yoga Class cum Café, A nice cozy place with good décor. Majorly serves Salads. But do try the Mozzarella Sandwhich.

amrita gopinath (19/11/2017 10:13)
Visited The Yoga House cafe for dinner.

The Ambience

The dining area is not to big, but creatively done to accommodate about 10-15 tables. The dining area is divided in two floors as well as indoor and semi outdoor. This place has floor level as well as table seating.

The place is quiet and peaceful.

The cutlery is made of golden plated brass gives a very traditional indian look.

The menu

There is no alcohol or non vegetarian food in the menu. But this is not a vegan place, all food is made of organic ingredients

The menu is quite a sufficient one has about 40-50 dishes including desserts. Drinks are ₹250+, breakfast options are again from ₹250+ and main course ₹350+ , desserts are ₹200+.

The Service

There were about 5 customers and the service was quite fast the day I went. The waiters are very polite and knowledgeable.

The food

This was the best part, the food is not spicy but it is not bland. It is very flavorful , you can taste different vegetables and spices like turmeric etc in the food. I thought the quantity will be too less but each dish we ordered was sufficient for two. The must try is their signature hash brown. Desserts were great too it was not extremely sweet or extremely bitter the balance in the chocolate mousse was just right.


No parking available, walk or take a taxi to this place

It is not wheelchair accessible

The place is in a quiet lane and hence not too much traffic

I think breakfast and lunch is a better option here than dinner

There is a small shop below selling organic ingredients and yoga stuff

They run yoga classes and workshops you can register for the same

Jigar Dharamshi (12/04/2018 01:08)
Absolutely love the place. Serene, peaceful and calm, tucked away in the heart of Bandra, it's a great Yoga joint and has a lovely cafe serving super healthy yet yummy food!

Food Paradise (13/12/2017 17:28)
Maxi Protein Cottage Cheese Burger🍔
Innovative & Healthy Burger. It included steamed cottage cheese patty & assorted lettuce tucked in hot crisp multi grain buns. Patty was made up of cottage cheese, olives, sun dried tomato, almond and celery.
The multi grain buns were applied with basil paste.

Emma W (18/02/2018 18:31)
Had a lovely visit a couple of weeks ago and have been craving the very vegan friendly food and lovely atmosphere ever since.
The cafe is upstairs and we were lucky enough to get the top balcony seat which is a real treat. Cushions to sit on, low tables. Just lovely.
They don't take reservations which is worth noting.
I had the 'fulfilled' bowl with tofu, rice and veg. Followed by fruit bowl. And just because, Ladoo and chai to finish. So fresh, tasty and such a calm place to spend the afternoon.
The healthy ladoo is something I need to replicate now I'm back at home in the UK. In 💚!

Navjot Kaur (17/01/2018 20:43)
Great me time, amazing healthful food (from salads to juices to carrot cakes), very non-commercial. Makes a super place to unwind with a good book. (They have books you can pick up and read.
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