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Doongerwadi Tower of Silence, August Kranti Marg, Babulnath, Simla Nagar, Malabar Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400036, India
Coordinate: 18.9618182, 72.8071484
Rating: 3.70
Phone: +91 22 2367 5974
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Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
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Sunday: Open 24 hours
Tower of Silence Tower of Silence Tower of Silence Tower of Silence Tower of Silence Tower of Silence Tower of Silence Tower of Silence Tower of Silence
rk nagraj (06/12/2016 14:04)
Its a Sky Burial place for the Deceased Parsis. Its surrounded by lush green almost forest like dense trees.Its Very Calm & has an Eerie Silence of its own.

Eric Ding (04/11/2016 20:59)
I am warning you to not go to the Tower of Silence! it is haunted and It is literally the tower of silence, hearing the eerie nothingness that may actually be the whispers of those who have passed away there!

Zoshua Colah (17/09/2016 14:53)
This is where the dead Parsis are laid to rest. Beautiful surroundings but this place is a funeral area. Only Parsis can enter the bunglis but people of other religions are more than welcome to stay in an outer area where they can pay their last respects to their deceased friends.

EmM LaV (10/12/2016 18:31)
This is NOT a tourist attraction. . The tower of silence is a place where the last rites of the Zoroastrian Parsis are carried out.

It is a very solemn place where deceased are laid to rest .

It is being WRONGLY PROMOTED as a place of tourist interest. IT IS NOT SO.

Ravi Goel (02/08/2016 17:53)
See this is not a visitor attraction

Although its one of the oldest places in Mumbai where the Parsis have been laying their dead for over 300 years, its completely offlimit to everybody except the parsis, and that too if they have come to lay down their deceased.

Its a cemetery of a kind and not a attraction. Dont come here. You are absolutely not welcome here.

Prabhat Singh (28/03/2017 18:50)
Not interesting to see but fascinating to know about. And if you visit once, you’ll be talking about it forever. In a drive around the Hanging Gardens in the upscale neighborhood of Malabar Hill, all you’ll see of the Tower of Silence is the entry way where the deceased are passed through and the vultures circling overhead presumptively doing what carrion birds do. The Tower of Silence is a "sky burial" ground to be respected, in a faith lasting millenniums, but the site of a macabre tradition perhaps hard for everyone to consider in the 21st century.

Debashish Kaushik (11/06/2017 05:27)
It's weird to think about such a place, especially in a city like Mumbai, but a very interesting place to know and visit

Varun Kati (20/06/2017 16:33)
Only Parsis are allowed to enter the premises. Very scary place, with lots of bones and half esten bodies in a huge pit. May be disturbing for some. There are many peacocks here tho.

greville kharlukhi (05/08/2017 13:07)
This is not an attraction. Restricted only to Parsis

Lalhruaikima Khiangte (20/03/2017 06:22)
Dont go here before 4pm.. Direct sunlight.. For high trees to hide from sun,, so better to go afternoon..

Choudhary Iftakhar (23/10/2017 09:51)
Good place to spend time. Nice atmosphere. Silent too.

MOHAMMED N (21/10/2017 18:01)
Like the name says,its a silent place.It's scary too.very silent atmosphere encovered with trees.It's not a tourist place,this place belongs to the parsi culture.You can visit,if you are too much intersted to know about it.

Zarasp Irani (04/09/2017 00:10)
The Towers of Silence are the final resting place for the Parsi / Zoroastrian community. It is a religious place and not a tourist attraction or even where anyone can visit casually. As the last religious rites are performed, the relatives of the deceased persons also stay here to perform the rites and ceremonies. Hence, please respect the religious sentiments and do not pass bad comments out of ignorance like "scary" and so on. I do not wish to give any "stars" to this rating as it is not appropriate but since the rating will not be accepted without a "star", I am compelled to mark the "star" here.

Rajiv Ranjan (11/09/2017 02:43)
Not a tourist place. But the place belongs to the persian community for the final activities performed after death. Completely looks like a scary place but don't be worried. Nothing like that.
It is called a TOWER OF SILENCE because of the spritual belief of the related communnity.

Vidwan827 (27/09/2017 00:58)
This is circular, open aired, structure, enclosing a flat platform / pavillion where (some - ) Parsis / Zoroastrians arrange to keep the bodies of their dead relatives for a "sky burial" .... wherein the dead bodies are eaten by scavenging vultures. Just a religious custom which is followed by that community/ religious sect.
Btw, this is very ecologically sound and supposedly does not pollute the earth.
As with all customs, temples, shrines to do with everything Parsi .... non-Parsis are not welcome and will not be allowed near the morgue halls, or inside the socalled tower .... so dont even try it. You will not pass for a Parsi, unless you are a semi-caucasian with a quaint gujrati accent .....

Wikipedia has an article on it, pictures and all, to satisfy your morbid curiosity. As a matter of fact, in reality, most indian vultures, including those here, have died to the point of extinction, because of a drug Diclofenac, and also the shortage of dead bodies to feed them. Many Parsis just prefer a quiet burial in a nondescript cemetary. The community itself is facing extinction, because of a paucity of marriages and fertility and a critical mass of birth providers - but that is a different story.....

MILAN ZATAKIA (21/01/2018 17:51)
The tower of silence is where the zoroastrian community have the final place of rest for their dead. The parsi community is a small minority who number a few thousand in the world. Their rituals for their dead are very different from other communities who either bury or cremate their dead. The mortal remains are rested in a well as per their practices.

YASMIN KAVINA (20/12/2017 21:52)
It's definitely not a tourist spot
It's scary and filled with ghosts of the dead Parsis who like their peace and quiet, so don't go there unless it is for a funeral
Believe me u don't want to disturb anyone out there
It's absolutely green and quiet, neat and clean and SILENT in busy bustling Mumbai
If u do go there behave, do not litter or roam here and there, talk in whispers or.... They may hear you.
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