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Spa, Hotel, Health, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Chardham Road, Old Namchi, Sikkim 737101, India
Coordinate: 27.1599, 88.3514
Rating: 4.10
Phone: +91 90832 46084
Srishti Verma (27/12/2017 01:50)
It was a very good hotel with many facilities. My experience was very good while staying there.👍👍

Debjit Mandal (13/12/2017 13:21)
The only 4star hotel in namchi and may be in the entire area. The hotel has all. The amenities of a good hotel and the staff is very courteous. We went to have tea. And food, which was nice. The garden and the pool. Area is lovely as well.

DEEPAK UPRETI (24/11/2017 07:40)
A nice place to stay with family n friends. Well situated .. the staff is cordial n friendly and the go all out to make your stay comfortable.

Saket Raaj (22/11/2017 08:22)
A little bit expensive but room service is good and rooms are pleasant...

seth seth (26/10/2017 22:21)
the rooms were very spacious. the bathroom had enough space for placing utils. the view is fabulous.
unfortunately there were some mould stains in bathroom and in the bedroom. the interior furniture was clean but had some strong traces of use. the swimming pool looked greenish and thus unusable.
the staff always tried to be obliging, but sometimes seemed to be non-professional. the reception was polite, but could not answer several questions about the infrastructure.
the restaurant was good. the food was very good. however the atmosphere was uncomfortable.

i recommend that hotel. but one should not expect a western style 3-star hotel.
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