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Plot No. 5 and 6, Sanjeev Enclave, Whitefields Road, Whitefields, Kothaguda, Venkat Enclave, Whitefields, Kondapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500084, India
Coordinate: 17.4537134, 78.3671899
Rating: 3.70
Phone: +91 40 2300 4348
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Vikas K Sinha (10/07/2016 15:43)
Kids are going to love this place. There are so many activities with lots of learning and fun. There are so many sections for pretend play & role play. The color room is the place where the fun is at extreme level. They are also going to start robotics lab soon.

Arun Jayaprakash (10/02/2016 14:19)
Really enjoyable place where kids can freely explore and learn using a wide variety of media. I've been here with my kids several times and they've enjoyed themselves to the point where they were reluctant to leave! The place isn't very big but not cramped either and the staff are really polite.
Long story short, if your kids are bored at home and just want to get out, this is definitely one place to consider.

jai Shankar (29/08/2016 18:55)
One of a kind place for children.. Helps in exploring and growing their mental boundaries at an early age...

Nitesh Misra (04/06/2016 11:12)
Nice place for kids to spend time and also learn some basic skills. Also a good place to host kids birthdays

Ravinder Babu Peddi (19/01/2017 22:54)
Good for kids

Prashant Pathak (29/05/2017 14:56)
The place is really good for kids in affordable price. Similar facilities are 2-3times costly in Hyderabad. The place is easily accessible via road. The facility needs some regular updates in terms of broken toys etc which is the problem with most of the kids play and activities zone. The place is operated by well educated and humbled couples. They never try to fool customer for sale of money.

Rachel Rao (04/06/2017 13:26)
A let down. The staff was anything but friendly and not at all welcoming. Nothing is as promised . A lil play area which is so common was given for an hour for Rs 300. The swings and rope bridges were missing.
The kids around were enthusiastic and friendlier than the staff.

Jai Raj (06/03/2017 19:23)
I never imagined some place like this. Excellent concept every thing is made by them, children can learn a lot for this.

Veda Prakash Gowda (14/04/2017 23:02)
Slightly expensive, But kids love it like anything. Commendable project.

Aanchal Singla (07/11/2017 12:32)
A total letdown, 😡 very bad customer handling. The staff makes false promises.
Totally untrained and uninterested staff.
They don't know how to handle the kids. Especially the ones who cannot express their needs.
They told us that they have 4-5 children in their playgroup and made us enroll our son. On realizing that he was the only kid in the daycare. We still thought of giving them a chance. But the staff and especially the owners were totally disinterested. On various occasions, In my absence they made my son to watch cartoons on youtube on laptop. While the teachers were busy chatting. This made me really angry and furious. Multiple times my 2 year old was left alone in the play area. The bottles and cans had thick black FUNGUS. They switched on ACs only when I was present. I even saw one of the teachers shouting without any big reason at another kid who came for 1day.
Also they took 3months advance. On realizing that we had made a terrible mistake , we told them that we wanted to stop sending our child and that they should please return our money.
One first occasion they bluntly refused. On repeated calling them. They just returned 1/3rd of the money that too after repeated calling for a full month.
We have always tried to be polite with them but the owner lady Mrs Deepa was really rude and started calling me "Tu" on asking for the money.
The biggest fraud is that they keep changing the name of the center to Kidihou/ stratford/ One world discovery center, so that bad reviews on google or Facebook could be overlooked by parents. They even say that the "management has changed" , but please beware of their fraud.
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