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Train Station, Transit Station, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Hussain Sagar, Khairatabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500082, India
Coordinate: 17.4237284, 78.4629876
Rating: 4.40
Phone: -
Necklace Road Necklace Road Necklace Road Necklace Road Necklace Road Necklace Road Necklace Road Necklace Road Necklace Road Necklace Road Necklace Road Necklace Road Necklace Road
sai nikhith (31/12/2016 00:51)
Best lovely place for all nature lovers
Excellent sight seeing as it is near to Hussain Sagar formerly Tank Bund

suneel atmakuri (20/01/2017 02:32)
Good view of necklace road and hussain sagar, Early morning pigeons view is excellent

Fazeel Usmani (08/01/2017 01:53)
Such a beautiful experience, awesome place to visit. I recommend to visit this place in the morning.

Shahab Quadri (26/11/2016 02:49)
Necklace Road is one of the peaceful places in hyderabad city, I visit it, on occasions and also at my free time, every year there will be exhibitions held... Do visit necklace road...on your weekends..

charan ellendula (15/01/2017 16:12)
Best mmts station of hyderabad
Well maintained and attractive

shubhangi sharma (21/07/2017 22:52)
Nice place to take a walk, as it's very close to Hussain Sagar. Grt view.

Saggam Arvind (09/06/2017 08:24)
Early morning walk around lush green parks with beautiful lake views and cute Pigeons fly around makes your day great

purushotham rudraraju (16/07/2017 09:54)
More than a railway station. Located amidst the picturesque Hussain Sagar lake.

anurag nagarjuna (03/08/2017 00:01)
Beautiful place mainly at the night timings very good place to hangout

mamtaz khan (20/05/2017 09:44)
I Like This Place Becuse Opp hussain sagar And Neckless Road View Publics Place
And Backside Five Star Hotel THE PARK
So very well .and Time to time Local Train
I'm Stay Beside 7Years .i Luv This Place

Gowtham Mac (06/11/2017 21:42)
One of the most popular retreats of Hyderabad, Eat Street is quite popular amongst not just Hyderabadis but also amongst tourists who visit the city for a day or two. Whether you are looking for a fun filled evening with your children or a romantic getaway with your partner, Eat Street which is located by the side of mesmerizing NECKLACE road ,is one of the best places to go. Eat Street food court on the Necklace Road promises not only culinary treat but also offer various recreational choices such as entertaining rides for children while exciting speed boat ride for adults and a boat trip to the center of the lake. The food court boasts of an amazing range of cuisines. From fast food and chats to proper meal to varied beverages and ice creams, you have almost everything here. And the best part is that you can sit by the side of the lake and relish your food as you enjoy the captivating view of the huge water body that is spread all around you.

Eat Street food court on the Necklace Road promises not only culinary treat but a complete entertainment package. It is an apt place for some recreational activities with options varying from entertaining rides for children to exciting boat ride for adults.

The food court at Eat Street boasts of an amazing range of cuisines. Eat street menu includes a wide array of varieties including fast food and Indian chats, complete south Indian or North Indian Meal, a range of beverages and ice creams. This place is precisely donned with lots of food choices and a breathtaking view of the lake. The best part of this place is that you can sit by the side of the lake and relish your food as you enjoy the captivating view of the huge water body that is spread all around you.

Ranganath - TestForce (01/10/2017 08:51)
One of the must visit place in hyderabad. Beautiful view of lakefront along sidewalk. Nice eatery concept where you can feel like in some other country. Nice people and you can spend quality time here. Children love this place. You can witness variety of crowds in the morning and evening times.

Sobhan Hossain sarkar (26/09/2017 07:52)
Good place but don't have lot of train. If u want to spend some warm time... Just come here and breathe... Cool

KEERTHI SREENIVAS (04/11/2017 14:07)
An awesome place for photographers and just for a simple hangout.There are a lot of restaurants and tank buns gives a great view,it could be a better and in budget alternative to a costly hangout place.Theres a good walkway for morning walks.Daily people go for cycling,people conduct voluntary yoga and excercise classes sometimes.The necklace road railway station is an amazing place for you if you like pegions,or just wanna feed them for fun.You can get great pictures that would create a professional effect.Overall,if you live in Hyderabad,it's worth going here,to get some ice cream and fresh air at night.

Venkat Ramana (18/10/2017 10:14)
Nice place to go for morning walk. Very well maintained.

saikiran gudala (27/04/2018 14:49)
A great place in Hyderabad where you can hangout with your friends in the evening time. we can get street food here. Excellent lake view in the middle of the city.

Raj Mylavarapu (05/03/2018 09:07)
This road winds around the Lake in Hyderabad and has a couple of parks, boating, few eateries and roadside carts selling food and trinkets. Water quality of the Lake is minimal. The place can be seriously crowded on holidays and weekends. Traffic on the roads is chaotic with blaring honks and high decibel noise. Sidewalks are typically blocked by vendors and trivia and pedestrians spill on to the roadways further adding to the chaos. Pedestrians randomly start crossing the roads in big numbers, climbing over the roadway median and jumping down on to the other side and walking away. No traffic control or any civic authorities around. To top it all, the State Secretariat buildings occupy one end of the street and the road is randomly closed down on any day to allow for VIP traffic movement. Overall, for international tourists it may not be suitable. Maybe a drive thru. But local crowds are usually heavy.

Aryan Kumar (06/03/2018 18:37)
The place where you find the bad smell with beautiful flowers. Night life in necklace road is too good . Food stalls are available till 2 pm . Peaceful to celebrate once birthday or anniversaries. But please be careful with mischievous activities in the day time . Lover's all the road makes you feel uncomfortable .Have a good day

Shashi Bhushan (05/03/2018 15:00)
Beautiful open spaces with green patches and huge trees.. Lung space for hyderabadies to have a nice stroll for a walk or jog in the morning.. Most of turns happen at this place ..feel relaxed.. Though we smell foul smell at times due to tank bund Water body
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