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MIG 204, Road No.1, Opposite Hotel Sitara Grand, KPHB Colony, Kukatpally, Kukatpally Housing Board Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500085, India
Coordinate: 17.4920112, 78.4016038
Rating: 3.60
Phone: +91 40 2315 2315
Opening Hours:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
Prasad Hospital Prasad Hospital Prasad Hospital Prasad Hospital Prasad Hospital Prasad Hospital Prasad Hospital Prasad Hospital Prasad Hospital Prasad Hospital Prasad Hospital Prasad Hospital Prasad Hospital
Bharath Akkineni (29/05/2017 13:19)
Please do not go to this place, you'll be looted. Except for one or two doctors (now even they left) the entire staff over there cry for money. Apart from the money you pay as fee or for services, they take care of the patient only if you throw some bucks. The quality of service is way low for the money you pay.

Koti Ch (29/04/2017 08:28)
the best kids hospital. doctres are very good.

Ravikrishna Kumar (26/08/2016 22:42)
One of the worst hospital I have ever seen. They are here to loot our money. Recently I have visited the hospital with minor injury to the head. Until unless we got OP in ICU, even the duty doctor did not touch and diagnosed the problem. For this , they asked us to join ICU only not any other ward. Then we left the hospital with out any treatment by wasting of 1hour. Nowadays doctors are become killers by sucking your hard earned money.
Instead of going to this hospital.. better to go to HELL.

Shahnoor Alam (20/01/2017 02:48)
Prasad Hospital
Road No 1, KPHB Colony, Kukatpally
Hyderabad, Telangana

To all caring parents who love their child and gives value to humanity,

I want to share my personal, worst and pathetic experience about Prasad Hospital, here we go..
On Wednesday 18th Jan’ 2017, I felt that my son’s (aged of 6 Months) body temperature was abnormal and when I check rectal temperature with thermometer it was 102 F, having symptoms of cold and cough. Immediately I rushed to Prasad hospital nearby with primary first aid medication. Before I could go to hospital I was not having any idea of neither hospital nor doctors and staff as I was new to Hyderabad.
When I reach hospital, took my son to casualty and doctor suggest me to admit, with no second thought I had admitted my son and completed all hospital formalities.
Now the real film has started, they shifted my son (who don’t know what is happened and what is going to happen) to the room and they killed 20-30 minutes in waiting for nurse, sister came and ask us to do sponging with lukewarm water perhaps actually it’s a primary duty of nurse and it clearly defines in nursing, there was a light argument regarding this and I did sponging because for me my son’s health is important than anything else.
Anyway keeping this aside stories continues this way, my boy is uncovered and sister said us they have to take baby to other floor (4th floor) with bare body (does not have minimum common sense to cover baby). I presume it is an ICU where entry is restricted, they took my boy and they made us to wait for 1 hour at the ICU and I can hear that my son crying a lot and I doubt that something was going wrong. It has crossed my threshold level and I lost my patience and then I went into ICU, I was literally shocked looking at that seen, so called “unprofessional sisters” (4-5) holding baby’s body and trying to catch vane for cannula fixing and they could not. When took my baby in my hand I can see they tried over 15 times in different places. Can anyone imagine the situation not at least a parent?
I started shouting at them then one fellow rushed to me (admin guy) and he was asking me for one more chance saying that he will call a senior doctor to look into the case.
Now finally comes so called “SENIOR DOCTOR” and tried and again wasted 30 more min for fixing cannula and the result was big “ZERO”
Then finally I have to take a call that should I leave my son in that hospital having such an unprofessional and dumb staffs or I should consult other better doctor I mean a real good doctor (not “CRUEL”) being an caring father I took my son out from there and did not pay any single penny to them.
It is my sincere suggestion to all caring parent who love their child/children, please do consult a good doctor who can give a treatment (not the trial & error method) after all we are human beings not testing animals. After having said about “PRASAD HOSPITAL AND THEIR STAFF”, you don’t want me to give any conclusion!!!
Here are below picture with red dot marks is a proof of their failure

moses emmanuel Raju (31/12/2016 15:37)
Please don't go to this hospital, I had a worst experience with the doctors and staff over there. They never care for babies health, they just play with babies for money, they do hell lot of tests on new borns and finally they say everything is normal. Healthy babies will be sick after admitting here. My suggestion is don't go this hospital. If your doctors referring to this hospital for pre mature care or neonatal observations pls ask your doctor to suggest good hospital.

Bharathi !i! (18/09/2017 14:36)
Many Thanks to Prasad hospital for performing a cardiology treatment of my mother. After my online search about the procedure and multiple consultations at different places, finally took a chance of going ahead with this hospital. Thanks to Team Prasad hospital and Dr. Prasad and Srinivas for giving best treatment.And also Excellent coordination between  nursing and Surgery department. Thankful to those who suggested and referred me to a very new facility but experienced and well trained Doctors and Nurses here.

manikanta pavan (11/10/2017 15:04)
Diagnosis is good. Monitoring of patient health and hospital maintenance is nice. Particularly staff is too good. My son treated for dengue fever and recovered well.

Shantharam Gandhi (19/09/2017 13:19)
We came to this hospital as my son was dehydrated with frequent vomiting. The hospital staff took good care and he is now recovered well. Thanks for all the care.

Can improve in speeding the process of admission.

Seelam Ramakrishna (16/08/2017 13:35)
My name is Ramakrishna, my son fever and vomiting for 3-4 days, it did not go down with syrups. I took my son to Prasad hospital, tests showed Dengue fever. They told about dengue fever and told to admit because platelets are low. It got below 40,000 and platelets were given to my son. Then slowly platelets increased. Fever decreased, stomach pain decreased. Dr Srinivas sir and Dr Sunitha madam came to rounds daily and checked my son. Today my son platelets 1,97,000. I am happy and satisfied with the doctors in this hospital.

Kranthi Kumar (20/09/2017 13:21)
My name is jagadish and I came for emergency treatment and I am very much satisfied with the way of staff reacted and treated in time. Also nursing staff is much cooperative. Dr Srinivas is looking after the children and I recommend to come here.Thanks prasad hospital for your care.

SriAkhila Saladi (06/11/2017 13:41)
Hospitality and ambiance is good. Monitoring of patient health and hospital maintenance is nice. Particularly staff is too good. My daughter treated for dengue fever and recovered well.Doctors and remaining all duty doctors are good.
Bathrooms are congested and very small.

ratna kumari (11/11/2017 14:21)
Hi, I am coming to this hospital from past 6 years. The doctors are very friendly and will listen to all the problems that we have and really give a very good advice. I strongly believe Prasad sir and srinivas sir will really take good care of patients.

Rama Rajulf8l p (22/12/2017 11:24)
Worst hospital they gave appointment to my daughter at 11.39 a.m. I went at 11 am itself doctor seen my daughter at 2 pm. Dr prasad the worst doctor and he prescribed vaccines which are not required.

Siva Prasad (20/12/2017 12:40)
My name siva prasad my son suffered with viral fever cold i admitted prasad hospital kphb doctor's and staff members given by very good treatment now my son is a fine and healthy thank you prasad hospital kphb
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