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Car Repair, Car Dealer, Store, Point Of Interest, Establishment
No 38/A, IDA Gate No 1, Balanagar, Telangana 500037, India
Coordinate: 17.4699484, 78.442337
Rating: 4.20
Phone: +91 90229 17533 vibrant-ford-ford-india-car-service-balanagar-k-v-rangareddy-1954/ Home
Opening Hours:
Monday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday: Closed
Vibrant Ford Service and Bodyshop Balanagar Vibrant Ford Service and Bodyshop Balanagar Vibrant Ford Service and Bodyshop Balanagar Vibrant Ford Service and Bodyshop Balanagar Vibrant Ford Service and Bodyshop Balanagar Vibrant Ford Service and Bodyshop Balanagar Vibrant Ford Service and Bodyshop Balanagar Vibrant Ford Service and Bodyshop Balanagar Vibrant Ford Service and Bodyshop Balanagar Vibrant Ford Service and Bodyshop Balanagar
sudhir challa (22/12/2016 08:14)
Gave my vehicle for service at Balanagar Vibrant Ford service center, told the service center about 5 problems, I have been facing with my vehicle. Only one problem has been resolved, but I was charged for three problems reported. Inspected my vehicle after service, confirmed with service engineer and got 2 of the unattended problems deducted from the bill.

Finally only 1 out of 5 problems reported has been attended. And most important thing, resolved one is resetting the music system.

Other problems
2. Wind sheild polish
3. Wheel swapping, wheel balancing and alignment
4. Driving seat disposition problem... this is a very critical one that needs to be attended
5. Hissing sounds while releasing clutch

None of these were attended.

Vishal Mudda (23/01/2017 20:36)
So far experience has been good with Vibrant Ford, waiting lounge is small but good. They welcome you with water and a cup of tea atleast 🙂

Technicians attend to you and listen , when in doubts, you can take one of them for a test drive to explain your problems..

Wajeed Muhammad (18/11/2016 12:32)
I took my Echo Sport to Vibrant Ford. Service attitude of the vibrant ford is the best in Hyderabad. Vibrant doesn't cheet customers like others do. Vibrant Ford is very transparent in dealing.

Shailendra Kumar (15/10/2016 22:45)
I got the front windscreen replaced at vibrant ford. After the replacement the read view mirror is loose and vibrates a lot to the point of being distracting when driving. I complained and vibrant Ford sent someone to fix the mirror. The mechanic wanted to fix the issue by applying layers of thick adhesive tape!
Had i asked a roadside puncture wala to fix the issue, he would have had the same solution. Vibrant ford is no better.
So, I have a Ford car with a rear view mirror that vibrates due to morons at Vibrant Ford.

C Ramakrishna (18/11/2016 12:21)

The service at Vibrant Ford at Balanagar is very good. The GM and Service Manager bestow personal attention for highly personalised and efficient service.

Ranganath J (09/09/2017 18:57)
Worst way of response from lady adviser
They don't even tell about time of delivery
and the expected cost of the service
I personally DO NOT recommend this Center when you are availing insurance
Regarding the service part it is below average.
One main thing is the adviser takes signatures on the empty satisfaction form
at the time of giving the vehicle for service it self, before completing service, I had an argument for that also.
You should be very careful about the other parts of your vehicle when you are getting back your vehicle.

zakeer hussain (10/10/2017 16:45)
HI.. ford aspire car...since I purchase a car I never happy with your dealership and service allso tooo worst....but the 1st time I am very happy ...last week I went a service my car...Mr.Muddsir service adviser gave me a great service...I am very happy...he done a great job....thanks Mr.muddsir....keep on doing great service...

Tushar Sarda (24/09/2017 11:06)
I came from pune, met with an accident here in Hyderabad. I was looking for good ford service outlets in Hyderabad. After googling this was the nearest service station I had. Decided to claim my insurance.

My service representative Mudassar made sure I got my car serviced as soon as possible as it was urgent for me, he did follow ups with insurance agent and also he made sure it was approved in time. Thanks to him minor scratches were also been taken care of and I got my car delivered in time.

ritaj residency (12/10/2017 13:59)
Good service from bodyshop mangar waseem bhai & advicer mohiuddin best service in hyderabad of bodyshop

Chandra Rao (06/11/2017 16:33)
Go there only when you really need to replace parts. For small repairs never go there as the guys here know nothing but replacing parts

Mahesh Vaddiparthi (21/04/2018 18:17)
Im very happy with the quality of service and service team of Vibrant Ford Balanagar Hyderabad. I sincerely appreciate Mr. Mithun and Mr. Shafi for their excellent technical skills.

chandrasekhar reddy (14/04/2018 12:56)
Good service and responsive staff. But customer wait in room could have been better.

Neha Shaik (29/01/2018 19:09)
Good response and excellent service from vibrant. Especially Mr.Shafi was very good , his attention was really good. Totally I am very delighted with the service and especially with Shafi for his good response.

anudeep mudiyala (17/02/2018 11:40)
Best service.. but parts are very costly. Raju, rajashekar and Akheel arenbest service advisors.

sampath kumar (20/01/2018 19:21)
Hi vibrant Ford
I am very happy with the services from your vibrant Ford the services which you provide and the feed back which you give regarding the vehicle service reapairs I am so happy with Mithun that he explains me everything what is the problem and what all the required things to be taken to my vehicle to be in good condition and support from advisor Raju will respond to calls and I am very happy with your vibrant Ford team work.
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